229 Commits (master)

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  Samuel VERMEULEN 330cf13589 Fix cipher connexion pour vpn svnet 1 year ago
  pitchum 06c83007d0 Bump to version 1.4.1 1 year ago
  Antoine Jacques de Dixmude 22c793defc change for a best way of verifying if authentication is successful (check if a http header is set instead of looking into web page content) 1 year ago
  Alexandre Aubin e7a7d9bb9b
Typo in variable name ... 1 year ago
  Alexandre Aubin 6e0b782d0e
Merge pull request #56 from labriqueinternet/brutal-refactor-for-moar-logging 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin b5ff4e2498 Misc tweaks and improvements following actual tests 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin c18d2f3419
Brutal refactoring for more logging and readability of the script because debugging is hell 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin 51e3a6a100
Merge pull request #55 from labriqueinternet/alias-traversal 2 years ago
  Kayou 16a8fcd4e8
Fix the issue alias_traversal 2 years ago
  Keoma Brun 9b61a849a9
Merge pull request #52 from keomabrun/new-standard 2 years ago
  keoma b64b8cb18c bump version to 1.4 2 years ago
  Kayou efee70b606
Fix upgrade 2 years ago
  Kayou 92634574e7
No Upgrade options for now 2 years ago
  Kayou 0d668765e5
No more service_name 2 years ago
  keoma 5916e7c8dd adding systemctl daemon-reload before enabling services 2 years ago
  keoma f63958ec08 removing useless lines in check_process 2 years ago
  Keoma Brun 96d14e76e0
Merge pull request #1 from kay0u/new-standard 2 years ago
  Kayou d015446ff7
Fix backup/restore, again 2 years ago
  Kayou a05204c26c
description in upgrade 2 years ago
  Kayou 7aaca1167b
Trying to fix the restore 2 years ago
  Kayou a58a3742b5
service_name not service_checker 2 years ago
  Kayou 2b60906505
fix use of ynh_add_systemd_config 2 years ago
  Kayou 7e3813808b
Fix missing arg 2 years ago
  Kayou 009efe81e8
first iteration of restore script 2 years ago
  Kayou 06dc1f46ab
First iteration of backup script 2 years ago
  Kayou 8d1dbc3684
Retrieve service_name 2 years ago
  Kayou d26f296dd5
Store service_name 2 years ago
  Kayou d5c632e7db
use ynh helper in vpnclient_deploy_files_and_services 2 years ago
  Kayou aff39ce947
upgrade: using ynh_replace_string and php 7 2 years ago
  Kayou 646f2ee61f
We are now using php7.0 2 years ago
  Kayou f5d3e45e9f
Use ynh variable for install script 2 years ago
  keoma 3dd730607b adding root domain test 2 years ago
  keoma 4ac8f287e1 replacing tabs by spaces 2 years ago
  keoma 6f71831614 updating script to new standards 2 years ago
  keoma 7f1fea7836 update manifest 2 years ago
  Keoma Brun 73aa672346
Merge pull request #54 from keomabrun/dev_53 2 years ago
  keoma 5c90da1a79 fix #53 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin b1c667817b
Merge pull request #51 from keomabrun/dev_50 2 years ago
  keoma 7646ffbb28 fix #50 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin c3970ac8d9 Improve app description 2 years ago
  pitchum 623d8a3045 [mod] Bump to version 1.3.1 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin cf2dcfa953 Fix ynh_secure_remove usage 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin 6ed5edab9d Misc improvements in README ? 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin ed60b7782a No need to sudo all over the place 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin fe159638f5 rm -rf -> ynh_secure_remove 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin fc1d305b2b Clean / simplify / reorganize a few things in install script 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin 34d8b55b44 This file aint used / needed anymore 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin bbc821a632 ynh_die does not exists before helpers sourcing 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin 2f04d16d4f At the end of the upgrade, restart vpnclient only if it's already active 2 years ago
  pitchum 1c06d02d49 [mod] Make package_linter happier than ever. 2 years ago