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  1. # VPN Client [![Build Status](]( [![Integration level](](
  2. [![Install LaBriqueInterNet VPNclient with YunoHost](](
  3. This YunoHost app is a part of the "[La Brique Internet](" project but can be used independently.
  4. ## Overview
  5. VPN Client app for [YunoHost](
  6. * Install a VPN connection on your self-hosted server.
  7. * Useful for hosting your server behind a filtered (and/or non-neutral) internet access.
  8. * Useful to have static IP addresses (IPv6 and IPv4).
  9. * Useful to easily move your server anywhere.
  10. * With the [Hotspot app for YunoHost](, you can broadcast your VPN access by wifi to use a clean internet connection (depending on your VPN provider) on your laptop (or those of your friends) without having to configure it.
  11. ## Features
  12. * Authentication based on certificates or login (or both), with or without shared-secret (*ta.key*)
  13. * IPv6 compliant (with a delegated prefix)
  14. * Set an IPv6 from your delegated prefix (*prefix::42*) on the server, to use for the AAAA records
  15. * Use native IPv6 if available for creating the tunnel
  16. * Port selection, with UDP or TCP
  17. * Set DNS resolvers on the host
  18. * Strong firewalling (internet access and self-hosted services only available through the VPN)
  19. * Advanced mode for editing the default OpenVPN configuration
  20. * Auto-configuration mode, with [dot cube files](
  21. * Web interface
  22. ## Screenshot
  23. ![Screenshot of the web interface](