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Wifi Hotspot


Warning: work in progress

Hotspot wifi app for YunoHost.

  • Broadcast your own Wifi internet access in addition to your self-hosted web services.
  • Without internet access, it's a PirateBox.
  • With the VPN Client app for YunoHost, it's an encrypted Wifi internet access (eventually with neutral access, without filters, and with IPv6, depending on your VPN provider).

See the box project explanations (box for a ready-made and nomad self-hosting with YunoHost+VPN, a VPN access through a wifi hotspot, and/or a CPE for non-profit ISP) in French. An example of hardware associated is the A20-OLinuXino-LIME with the MOD-WIFI-R5370-ANT (photo). See also the YunoHost image project for OLinuXino.


  • WPA2 encryption
  • 802.11n compliant
  • IPv6 compliant (with a delegated prefix)
  • Announce DNS resolvers (IPv6 with RDNSS/DHCPv6 and IPv4 with DHCPv4)
  • Automatic clients configuration (IPv6 with SLAAC/DHCPv6 and IPv4 with DHCPv4)
  • Set an IPv6 from your delegated prefix (prefix::42) on the server, to use for the AAAA records
  • Web interface (screenshot)


This app works with a non-stable version of YunoHost.

Until this version is available (coming soon!) as an official stable release, you need to execute some commands before installing this app:

# service bind9 stop
# update-rc.d bind9 remove
# apt-get install dnsmasq