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  SAMUEL.VERMEULEN.PRO Informatique 8085a78bff Ajout retour â la ligne 2 years ago
  SAMUEL.VERMEULEN.PRO Informatique 85e4affa10 fix disallow ports 2 years ago
  SAMUEL.VERMEULEN.PRO Informatique 0c43240239 ynh settings Canal 36 par défaut 2 years ago
  SAMUEL.VERMEULEN.PRO Informatique 0624ab1577 2 years ago
  SAMUEL.VERMEULEN.PRO Informatique 09d84edfc6 2 years ago
  SAMUEL.VERMEULEN.PRO Informatique f28907bee7 update 2 years ago
  SAMUEL.VERMEULEN.PRO Informatique 4efdac9503 update 2 years ago
  SAMUEL.VERMEULEN.PRO Informatique 56d01bf201 update screenshot 2 years ago
  SAMUEL.VERMEULEN.PRO Informatique a9eb1461e9 Support mode ac 2 years ago
  SAMUEL.VERMEULEN.PRO Informatique b941288a53 Menu déroulant canaux 5Ghz 2 years ago
  Kayou a4837a8063
Merge pull request #51 from kay0u/update-scripts-to-the-new-standard 2 years ago
  Kayou 8805308a33
Merge pull request #1 from keomabrun/update-scripts-to-the-new-standard 2 years ago
  keoma 5c604193e0 adding iw full path 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin b858a19517
Merge branch 'master' into update-scripts-to-the-new-standard 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin 157a5b8eb6
Merge pull request #56 from labriqueinternet/fix-if 2 years ago
  Kayou 3f20eb42b4
Restore firmware_nonfree to a choice 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin fcfe018a74
Merge branch 'master' into update-scripts-to-the-new-standard 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin e51559d856
Also set DAEMON_CONF in /etc/default/hostapd 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin 9a68383abb
Unmask hostapd 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin 2c87738877
Fix ifs related to ynh_service_enabled 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin b909ba3b9b
The script miserably crash if the command fails ... better to test the command in the if directly, no need to use $? 2 years ago
  Kayou 3757b70454
fix service_name if empty 2 years ago
  Kayou f7c255a9cf
Fix the upgrade from an old commit 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin 74ad064c7f
Merge pull request #54 from labriqueinternet/force-nonfree-to-false-on-armbian 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin b760285340
Typo in README 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin c032c4fa89
Consistency with VPNclient's README 2 years ago
  Alexandre Aubin 44796a9efc Force firmware_nonfree to no on armbian 2 years ago
  Kayou 31f30fac54
Update remove 2 years ago
  Kayou b118b790b9
Retrieve service_name in upgrade script 2 years ago
  Kayou 6971c9626a
tab 2 years ago
  Kayou b3ed0f43af
Don't store packages in settings 2 years ago
  Kayou e376c50ad6
--need_lock on restore 2 years ago
  Kayou fab4ff8643
chown on upgrade and restore 2 years ago
  Kayou 4e940b3b41
remove improvement script 2 years ago
  Kayou fd6172d2c7
remove update (done by ynh_install_app_dependencies) 2 years ago
  Kayou a22dabea12
change chown 2 years ago
  Kayou 3b9b327f6a
the file is ynh-hotspot not hotspot 2 years ago
  keoma 961ecfac21 update readme 2 years ago
  keoma 2893ee6149 bump version 2 years ago
  Kayou e2e0c0bab7
Merge branch 'master' into update-scripts-to-the-new-standard 2 years ago
  Kayou 89b59655d5
Fixing backup restore 2 years ago
  Kayou 854c8d16da
Can't upgrade from the old version 2 years ago
  Kayou 75f57d67ac
This app shouldn't be public 2 years ago
  Kayou d8667b93ae
Create folder in restore script 2 years ago
  Kayou ec0fb4bc5d
Fixing restore 2 years ago
  Kayou 7031d015be
fix service name 2 years ago
  Kayou 06b7a47139
Merge branch 'update-scripts-to-the-new-standard' of github.com:kay0u/hotspot_ynh into update-scripts-to-the-new-standard 2 years ago
  Kayou 973dd5d2e9
service_name missing in Backup Script 2 years ago
  Pierre Bourré 7f480683ba
[WIP] Upgrade script 2 years ago
  Pierre Bourré b7ae9f4973
Store $packages 2 years ago