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# Wi-Fi Hotspot [![Build Status](]( [![Integration level](](
# Wi-Fi 5 GHz hotspot app for Yunohost
[![Install LaBriqueInterNet Hotspot with YunoHost](](
This YunoHost app is a part of the "[La Brique Internet](" project but can be used independently.
This YunoHost app is a fork of the "[La Brique Internet](" project. This app working mainly with the RaspberryPI 3
## Overview
Hotspot Wi-Fi app for [YunoHost](
Wi-Fi 5 GHz hotspot app for [YunoHost](
* Broadcast your own Wi-Fi internet access in addition to your self-hosted web services.
* Without internet access, it's a [PirateBox](
* With the [VPN Client app for YunoHost](, it's an encrypted Wi-Fi internet access (eventually with [neutral access](, without filters, and with IPv6, depending on your VPN provider).
## Features
* AP 5 GHz 802.11ac
* WPA2 encryption
* 802.11n compliant
* IPv6 compliant (with a delegated prefix)
* Announce DNS resolvers (IPv6 with RDNSS/DHCPv6 and IPv4 with DHCPv4)
* Automatic clients configuration (IPv6 with SLAAC/DHCPv6 and IPv4 with DHCPv4)
@ -23,7 +20,7 @@ Hotspot Wi-Fi app for [YunoHost](
## Screenshot
![Screenshot of the web interface](
![Screenshot of the web interface](
## Friendly apps
@ -49,4 +46,5 @@ In this manner, with this example, you can provide 3 access points at the same t
* Debian Stretch
* YunoHost >= 3.2.0
* RaspberryPI 3