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Rustdesk server Install Script

Easy install Script for Rustdesk on linux, should work on any 64bit (32bit arm will install rustdesk server only) debian or centos based system supporting systemd.
For Rustdesk visit

You can use Hetzner to test this with a $20 credit using this referal code

How to Install the server

Please setup your firewall on your server prior to running the script.

Make sure you have got access via ssh or otherwise setup prior setting up the firewall, command for UFW is:

ufw allow proto tcp from YOURIP to any port 22

If you have UFW installed use the following commands (you only need port 8000 if you are using the preconfigured install files):

ufw allow 21115:21119/tcp
ufw allow 8000/tcp
ufw allow 21116/udp
sudo ufw enable

Run the following commands:

chmod +x

Choose your preferences from the options given in the script.

Please Note: If you allow the script to create preconfigured install files (with your IP/DNS and key set) it will install gohttpserver using port 8000 for you to easily download the install scripts.

Rustdesk windows powershell install script

Generates a powershell script for install grabbing WAN IP and Key currently in /opt/rustdesk but will be moved to a web url for easy deployment.


If you want to restart the services use the following commands:

sudo systemctl restart rustdesksignal
sudo systemctl restart rustdeskrelay