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Realtek 8812AU/8821AU USB WiFi driver.

for AC1200 (801.11ac) Wireless Dual-Band USB Adapter

This code is base on version 4.3.14 from

Update for NVidia Jestson Nano support

This code was forked from

Known Supported Devices:

* COMFAST 1200Mbps USB Wireless Adapter(Model: CF-912AC)
* TP-LINK AC1200 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter(Model: Archer-T4U)
* TP-LINK AC600 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter(Model: Archer-T2U Nano)

Compiling with DKMS

# sudo make -f Makefile.dkms install

Compiling for NVidia Jeston Nano


Compiling for Raspberry Pi (3)

Install kernel headers and other dependencies.

# sudo apt-get install linux-image-rpi-rpfv linux-headers-rpi-rpfv raspberrypi-kernel-headers dkms build-essential bc

Install kernel headers:

sudo wget -O /usr/local/bin/rpi-source && sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/rpi-source && /usr/local/bin/rpi-source -q --tag-update

Edit Makefile and turn on CONFIG_PLATFORM_ARM_RPI, turn off CONFIG_PLATFORM_I386_PC

# cd /usr/src/rtl8812au
# sudo make clean
# sudo make -j4
# sudo make install
# sudo modprobe -a rtl8812au

Compiling for Ubuntu (16.04) and Debian (9)

Download archive into temp directory

# mkdir -p /tmp/t4u
# cd /tmp/t4u
# wget


# unzip
# cd rtl8812AU_8821AU_linux-master

Install kernel headers

# sudo apt install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

Compile and install from source

# make
# sudo make install

Load module

# sudo modprobe -a rtl8812au

Cross-compiling. You can now specify variables on the command line w/out editing

makefile. For instance, this builds against recent OpenWRT neo2 platform. Your

Cross-compile binaries should be in your PATH.

KSRC=/home/greearb/git/openwrt-neo2-dev/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-sunxi_cortexa53/linux-4.14.78 EXT_EXTRA_CFLAGS=-DCONFIG_LITTLE_ENDIAN ARCH=arm64 CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-openwrt-linux- MODDESTDIR=/tmp make V=1

Setup DKMS

# sudo apt-get update
# sudo apt-get install dkms
# cd /tmp/t4u/rtl8812AU_8821AU_linux-master/
# sudo cp -R . /usr/src/rtl8812AU_8821AU_linux-1.0
# sudo dkms add -m rtl8812AU_8821AU_linux -v 1.0
# sudo dkms build -m rtl8812AU_8821AU_linux -v 1.0
# sudo dkms install -m rtl8812AU_8821AU_linux -v 1.0


  • Anand Babu (AB) Periasamy
  • Andreas Hofmann
  • Andrew Mann
  • AndyPi
  • Anton
  • archshift
  • bits3rpent
  • Chen Minqiang
  • Daiki Tamada
  • Fjodor42
  • gremsto
  • HackDefendr
  • Harshavardhana
  • jjones-jr
  • Joe
  • Joe Acosta
  • John Lenz
  • Jos Dehaes
  • Karl-Philipp Richter
  • Marco Milanesi
  • Mauro Ribeiro
  • Maximilian Schwerin
  • mpoly
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  • pgroenbech
  • scrivy
  • Taehan Stott
  • Vicent Llongo
  • Victor Azizi
  • 赵迤晨 (Zhao, Yichen)