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modname := rtl8812au
DKMS := dkms
modver := 4.3.14
# directory in which generated files are stored
DKMS_DEST := /usr/src/$(modname)-$(modver)
all: install
make clean
mkdir -p '$(DKMS_DEST)'
cp -r dkms.conf Kconfig Makefile.dkms Makefile platform core hal include os_dep '$(DKMS_DEST)'
cp Makefile '$(DKMS_DEST)/Makefile'
sed 's/#MODULE_VERSION#/$(modver)/' dkms.conf > '$(DKMS_DEST)/dkms.conf'
build: src_install
$(DKMS) add -m $(modname) -v $(modver) 2>/dev/null || true
$(DKMS) build -m $(modname) -v $(modver)
install: build
$(DKMS) install -m $(modname) -v $(modver)
$(DKMS) remove -m $(modname) -v $(modver) --all
.PHONY: all src_install build install uninstall