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cybersn-tdeyarmin 48a530c2b1
Update README.md (#315) 2 years ago
Coleman be57045a09
Fix using sprintf for extending string, which causes undefined behavior. (#334) 2 years ago
Brandon Pfeifer fa68771376 Refactor case-statement to if-statement to avoid implicit fallback. (#310) 3 years ago
Paul DeCarlo 4235b0ec7d Add support for Archer T2U Nano (#307) 3 years ago
rafaelpierri 981899f422 Sets default compilation system to PC and fixes method signature for Kernel 5.2+ (#303) 3 years ago
jAlex d277c3681e Add support for NVidia Jetson Nano (#300) 3 years ago
alberto1a 99fbe64d62 Update usb_intf.c (#297) 3 years ago
IeM 07377dc54b Update README.md (#296) 3 years ago
MJaoune 93ded0fa59 Fix get_ds() version mismatch on kernel v5.1.x (Replace get_ds() with KERNEL_DS) (#295) 3 years ago
thejavascriptman 9f09c7627b add device id (#289) 3 years ago
Nicholas George 33d8e02cd1 Allow building on 5.0 (#288) 3 years ago
Julian Oes 754aa52e97 README: add RPi kernel headers (#286) 3 years ago
Ben Greear ba6fa69560 Openwrt and new compiler related fixes (#285) 3 years ago
masa23 fb91faf610 fix ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code (#279) 4 years ago
Saikrishna Arcot 076ac48d94 Add explicit memset call to avoid potentially corrupt data. (#277) 4 years ago
Alexander Traud 1f235cdea6 Add USB Device Obihai OBiWiFi with 3823:6249 (#276) 4 years ago
Remax 4d1726146f Add USB Device T4U AC1300 with 2357:0115 (#274) 4 years ago
sleicasper b664e12191 add Tenda U12 support (#255) 4 years ago
Timothy Pearson fde0b7e42d Fix build on POWER systems (#260) 4 years ago
Chen Minqiang 72594b5560
Merge pull request #248 from plumdog/reinstate_del_station 4 years ago
Chen Minqiang a06ddcd867
Merge pull request #251 from codarrenvelvindron/master 4 years ago
codarrenvelvindron b854688bde Add installation instructions for Ubuntu 16.04 4 years ago
codarrenvelvindron ba5eb03263 Added TP-LINK AC-1200- rtl8812AU based chipset to known supported 4 years ago
Andrew Plummer f182a70088 Revert "Fixing Build error from unused variable warnings (#240)" 4 years ago
xyzz bed205c14a Fix timers (#244) 4 years ago
Alejandro Rodríguez ee9ad6c348 Adapt to kernel 4.15 timers interface changes (#242) 4 years ago
Adrian Puente Z 3059b62c98 Fixing Build error from unused variable warnings (#240) 4 years ago
Piotr c88620cffd add missing net/ip6_checksum.h include (#239) 4 years ago
Chen Minqiang 0292aa694d Merge pull request #227 from h221baker/h221baker/T4UHP-other-usb-pid 5 years ago
James Zhao e9056247fd Add the other TP-Link T4UHP USB PID to the list 5 years ago
Chen Minqiang ed2b8009bd disable CONFIG_CONCURRENT_MODE by default 5 years ago
Chen Minqiang 264b64cc43 fix kernel version compat with <4.12.0 5 years ago
Chen Minqiang 2c6399ff11 Fix build regression && fix build compat bugs (#217) 5 years ago
Chen Minqiang cc07a9cfd5 Merge pull request #213 from ma8ma/add-wi-u2-433dhp 5 years ago
Masayuki Yamamoto 0656dd296e Add BUFFALO WI-U2-433DHP 5 years ago
choryuidentify 6f526d3393 Rename Comcast to Comfast and Add Comfast CF-916AC (#212) 5 years ago
Daniel Keogh b1209dda5c Add Archer T4UH (#209) 5 years ago
hschletz 833abffbcf Fix compilation failure when -Werror=switch-unreachable #207 (#208) 5 years ago
Chen Minqiang 7efd8fb607 Merge pull request #193 from TheBiggerGuy/master 5 years ago
Chen Minqiang 32555d025c fix bad merge in (#205) :compile error 5 years ago
Chen Minqiang 6ffebc434b Merge pull request #204 from c-andy-martin/fix-unhandled-page-fault-4.3.14 5 years ago
Rujak Ironhammer eb26d334d7 Fix import on linux kernel >= 4.11.0 (#205) 5 years ago
C.\ Andy\ Martin 9c708bfa2d rtw_mlme_ext: fix unhandled page fault 5 years ago
Chen Minqiang b018b446fb Merge pull request #191 from stigtsp/master 5 years ago
Chen Minqiang 166f6d867e use UPPER case 5 years ago
Guy Taylor 276dcb9626 Make it easier to enable debug logging 5 years ago
Stig Palmquist 470102e35a Added support for TP-Link T4UHP 6 years ago
sarlacii fcc356bdad Update usb_intf.c (#189) 6 years ago
Chen Minqiang c1b3660abf remove blank tab 6 years ago
Chen Minqiang d0af052241 Merge pull request #184 from testos77/master 6 years ago