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\pard\nowidctlpar\hyphpar0\sa180\kerning1\f0\fs24\lang1033 Tenacity\f1\'99\f0 is an easy-to-use multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, MacOS, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. It is a fork of the widely popular {\f2{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "" }}{\fldrslt{\ul\cf1\ul\f0 Audacity}}}}\f0\fs24 and is being developed by a wide, diverse group of volunteers.\f2\par

\pard\nowidctlpar\hyphpar0\fi-360\li360\f3\bullet\f0\tab\b Recording\b0 from audio devices (real or virtual)\f2\line\par
\f3\bullet\f0\tab\b Export / Import\b0 a wide range of audio formats (extensible with FFmpeg)\f2\line\par
\f3\bullet\f0\tab\b High quality\b0 including up to 32-bit float audio support\f2\line\par
\f3\bullet\f0\tab\b Plug-ins\b0 providing support for VST, LV2, and AU plugins\f2\line\par
\f3\bullet\f0\tab\b Scripting\b0 in the built-in scripting language Nyquist, or in Python, Perl and other languages with named pipes\f2\line\par
\f3\bullet\f0\tab\b Editing\b0 arbitrary sampling and multi-track timeline\f2\line\par
\f3\bullet\f0\tab\b Accessibility\b0 including editing via keyboard, screen reader support and narration support\f2\line\par
\f3\bullet\f0\tab\b Tools\b0 useful in the analysis of signals, including audio\line\f2\par

\pard\nowidctlpar\hyphpar0\sa180\b\f0\fs32 Why did this project fork {\b0\f2\fs24{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "" }}{\fldrslt{\ul\cf1\ul\b\f0\fs32 Audacity}}}}\f0\fs32 ?\b0\f2\fs24\par
\f0 You can find more information on the causes of the fork here:\f2\par

\pard\nowidctlpar\hyphpar0\fi-360\li360\f3\bullet\f0\tab {\f2{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "" }}{\fldrslt{\ul\cf1\ul\b\f0 Privacy policy which may violate the original project's GPL license}}}}\f2\fs24\line\par
\f3\bullet\f0\tab {\f2{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "" }}{\fldrslt{\ul\cf1\ul\b\f0 Contributor's License Agreement (CLA) which may violate the same GPL license}}}}\f2\fs24\line\par
\f3\bullet\f0\tab {\f2{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "" }}{\fldrslt{\ul\cf1\ul\b\f0 Attempts at adding telemetry using Google services for data collection}}}}\ul\b\f0\fs24\line\ulnone\b0\f2\par

\pard\nowidctlpar\hyphpar0\sa180\b\f0\fs32 Pre-fork Access\b0\f2\fs24\par
\f0 The latest Windows and macOS release of the pre-fork version of this repository may be available from the {\f2{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "" }}{\fldrslt{\ul\cf1\ul\f0 Audacity website}}}}\f0\fs24 .\f2 \f0 Additionally, one may find help and/or support for the pre-fork releases at the {\f2{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "" }}{\fldrslt{\ul\cf1\ul\f0 Audacity Forum}}}}\f0\fs24 .\f2 \f0 Developers may find information for the pre-fork releases available at the {\f2{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "" }}{\fldrslt{\ul\cf1\ul\f0 Audacity Wiki}}}}\f0\fs24 .\f2\par
\b\f0\fs32 Getting Started\b0\f2\fs24\par
\f0 Build instructions for Tenacity are available in the {\f2{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "file:///C:/Users/emily/Documents/GitHub/tenacityteam-tenacity/win/" }}{\fldrslt{\ul\cf1\ul\f0 file}}}}\f0\fs24 .\f2\par
\b\f0\fs32 Contributing\b0\f2\fs24\par
\f0 To start contributing please read the {\f2{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "file:///C:/Users/emily/Documents/GitHub/tenacityteam-tenacity/win/" }}{\fldrslt{\ul\cf1\ul\f0 file}}}}\f0\fs24 .\f2\par
\b\f0\fs28 Translation\b0\f2\fs24\par
\f0 Thank you to Weblate for providing translation SaaS hosting at {\f2{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "" }}{\fldrslt{\ul\cf1\ul\f0}}}}\f0\fs24 .\f2\par