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Max Maisel 7a23e6a52f Remove Dry/Wet mix from dynamic compressor effect. 3 years ago
AudacityCodeSigning.cmake macOS: Fix building, update instructions 2 years ago
AudacityDependencies.cmake Allow building Tenacity without Conan 2 years ago
AudacityFunctions.cmake Replace references to topdir and libsrc 2 years ago
AudacityInnoSetup.cmake Innosetup installer updates 2 years ago
CopyLibs.cmake Bug2799: mod-script-pipe fails to load on Mac... 2 years ago
Findlibmp3lame.cmake Allow building Tenacity without Conan 2 years ago Opt in for macOS dark mode support 2 years ago
Package.cmake Update macOS DMG background image 2 years ago
PrintProperties.cmake Fix multi-config builds 4 years ago
Version.cmake Use git describe in About Dialog 2 years ago
conan.cmake Add the first Conan-based dependecies 2 years ago