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Tenacity is an easy-to-use multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, MacOS, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. It is a fork of the widely popular Audacity and is being developed by a wide, diverse group of volunteers.

  • Recording from audio devices (real or virtual)
  • Export / Import a wide range of audio formats (extensible with FFmpeg)
  • High quality including up to 32-bit float audio support
  • Plug-ins providing support for VST, LV2, and AU plugins
  • Scripting in the built-in scripting language Nyquist, or in Python, Perl and other languages with named pipes
  • Editing arbitrary sampling and multi-track timeline
  • Accessibility including editing via keyboard, screen reader support and narration support
  • Tools useful in the analysis of signals, including audio

Why did this project fork Audacity?

You can find more information on the causes of the fork here:

Pre-fork Access

The latest Windows and macOS release of the pre-fork version of this repository may be available from the Audacity website. Additionally, one may find help and/or support for the pre-fork releases at the Audacity Forum. Developers may find information for the pre-fork releases available at the Audacity Wiki.

Getting Started

Build instructions for Tenacity are available in the file.


To start contributing please read the file.


Thank you to Weblate for providing translation SaaS hosting at