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;; The following commands should be added to your .emacs file to support
;; Audacity's recommended indentation style.
(defun audacity-c++-indent-setup ()
; Set basic offset to 3 spaces
(setq c-basic-offset 3)
; Don't ever insert tabs when auto-formatting files. Use only spaces.
(setq indent-tabs-mode nil))
(add-hook 'c++-mode-hook 'audacity-c++-indent-setup)
(add-hook 'c-mode-hook 'audacity-c++-indent-setup)
;; Other items you may wish to add to your .emacs file
(setq line-number-mode 1)
(setq tab-width 3)
(setq default-tab-width 3)
;; arch-tag: e98088ea-9ff0-4031-bfc0-1d2a30eab3de