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TheEvilSkeleton 9b4b96d989
Change Flatpak manifest location (#696)
3 months ago
build Attempt to fix macOS build issues 10 months ago
ci Attempt to fix macOS build issues 10 months ago
debug Replace Compressor2 dynamic makeup gain with fixed output gain. 9 months ago
mw2html_audacity Bug 2744 - Manual: Incorrect escaping of backslash character 1 year ago
piped-work Bug 2684 - Bitrot for Docimage script 1 year ago
CMakeLists.txt Replace references to topdir and libsrc 11 months ago
dot-emacs Locate and position the current Audacity source code, and clear a variety of old junk out of the way into junk-branches 13 years ago scripts/ clusters certain sub-folders 2 years ago
maketarball.cmake Fix some spelling mistakes. 1 year ago Use git-describe in versions 11 months ago