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; profile.lsp -- support for profiling
;## show-profile -- print profile data
(defun show-profile ()
(let ((profile-flag (profile nil)) (total 0))
(dolist (name *PROFILE*)
(setq total (+ total (get name '*PROFILE*))))
(dolist (name *PROFILE*)
(format t "~A (~A%): ~A~%"
(get name '*PROFILE*)
(+ 0.5 (/ (float (* 100 (get name '*PROFILE*)))
(format t "Total: ~A~%" total)
(profile profile-flag)))
;## start-profile -- clear old profile data and start profiling
(defun start-profile ()
(profile nil)
(dolist (name *PROFILE*)
(remprop name '*PROFILE*))
(setq *PROFILE* nil)
(profile t))