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TheEvilSkeleton 9b4b96d989
Change Flatpak manifest location (#696)
3 months ago
AudacityCodeSigning.cmake macOS: Fix building, update instructions 11 months ago
AudacityDependencies.cmake Allow building Tenacity without Conan 11 months ago
AudacityFunctions.cmake Replace references to topdir and libsrc 11 months ago
AudacityInnoSetup.cmake Innosetup installer updates 10 months ago
CopyLibs.cmake Bug2799: mod-script-pipe fails to load on Mac... 1 year ago
Findlibmp3lame.cmake Allow building Tenacity without Conan 11 months ago Opt in for macOS dark mode support 9 months ago
Package.cmake Update macOS DMG background image 10 months ago
PrintProperties.cmake Fix multi-config builds 2 years ago
Version.cmake Use git describe in About Dialog 11 months ago
conan.cmake Add the first Conan-based dependecies 1 year ago