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windinthew a8c7f3c431 Further updated for 2.0.4 - WDM/KS and WASAPI loopback both ship. 10 years ago
windinthew 55dc9d5d93 Update for 2.0.4 assuming WDM/KS is not shipped but WASAPI loopback is. 10 years ago
RichardAsh1981@gmail.com b48e6883c6 remove other traces of iAVC now that AVCeffect is gone 10 years ago
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windinthew 00543a7b72 Update for 2.0.1. 11 years ago
windinthew 3947b25b9f Updated for fixes for sample format conversion of aliased files, and dragging clips between tracks having different sample rates. 12 years ago
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