43 Commits (7f223c261a2eed5e8873f10909dc914408213eab)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Steve Daulton 3062488cec Update Makefile.in files with automake 7 years ago
Yuri 8d82270714 Fixed miscategorization of an executable in Makefile: SCRIPTS->PROGRAMS. 7 years ago
Leland Lucius 849b0e400a Fix merge issue 7 years ago
yam b5f9dd3d80 Regenerate makefiles to include new source files 7 years ago
Leland Lucius 9b9c8cc073 Round 5 of wx3 changes 7 years ago
Leland Lucius 458c74bc6b Add new vocalrediso.ny plugin 7 years ago
windinthew 3d28cd0204 Fix Spectral edit* effects missing from Makefile.am and Makefile.in so don't get installed 7 years ago
Steve Daulton dad2a56764 Ran aclocal and automake as per Leland's instructions. 7 years ago
Leland Lucius a03d65ef4d Cleanup lib-src 7 years ago
Leland Lucius a66184f259 Adding changes that I missed when redoing my branches. 7 years ago
lllucius@gmail.com ea074f889b Regenerate build files on Debian Wheezy 7 years ago
lllucius@gmail.com 82d9b91184 Prepping for next release...regenerating build files 8 years ago
lllucius@gmail.com 7a9a7b673b Adding Cross Fade Tracks to Linux build 8 years ago
lllucius@gmail.com c68acb691c Removing Cross Fade In and Out from Linux build 8 years ago
lllucius ad92e8c4bf One more round of effects changes. 8 years ago
lllucius@gmail.com a9a0d576cc Always rebuild modules when "make modules" is used 8 years ago
lllucius@gmail.com 1f4dda607e Stupid Lelend doesn't know how to commit anymore! One silly character! GRRRR! 8 years ago
lllucius@gmail.com 0a0416ac44 This'll teach me to do this during a datacenter consolidation 8 years ago
lllucius@gmail.com bdb3aa328b Provide an easy way to build mod-nyq-bench 8 years ago
lllucius@gmail.com 49ce8fd212 2nd attempt to Add the ability to build without trashing the source tree 8 years ago
lllucius 1eeb4d979a The fabled realtime effects... 8 years ago
benjamin.drung@gmail.com da47fe0373 Update generated autotool files 8 years ago
lllucius@gmail.com a6782da38d Addition of gstreamer importer support. Will only use system 8 years ago
RichardAsh1981@gmail.com ae5a2feaad re-generate automake file change 8 years ago
benjamin.drung@gmail.com 7647b1f452 Add AudacityLogo48x48.xpm to distributed files. 9 years ago
benjamin.drung@gmail.com 9d0e5e360d Regenerate autotools files by running autoreconf --no-recursive -i -f. 9 years ago
benjamin.drung@gmail.com 6dcffdc827 Restructure audacity icons location (in preparation for the automake usage). 9 years ago
lllucius 52afa22aaf Removing liblrdf, libraptor, redland, and slv2 in preparation for 9 years ago
benjamin.drung@gmail.com 6e722649ed Remove the veryclean target. Use the distclean target and svn-clean instead. 9 years ago
RichardAsh1981@gmail.com a2a7a7d941 provide an initial appdata file and associated rules 9 years ago
benjamin.drung@gmail.com 3b0c32bc17 Sort recursive make calls in Makefile.in. 9 years ago
benjamin.drung@gmail.com 5a7675651f Remove files on distclean with the Makefile of their directory. 9 years ago
benjamin.drung@gmail.com e233f13c94 Make distclean target more failure proof. 9 years ago
RichardAsh1981@gmail.com 12c206f2b7 Apply Banjamin's patch to get the documentation installed in the correct directory when doing make install 10 years ago
richardash1981 641106f857 correct removal of generated desktop file 10 years ago
v.audacity faecf3780e Cristian Morales Vega's audacity-2.0.2-docdir.patch 10 years ago
richardash1981 4ea008ea67 make the compressed man page depend upon the uncompressed one, this makes editing it easier. Also move the comment outside the makefile commands section, it makes the make output cleaner 11 years ago
lllucius dcd9339bcc Add missing rawwaves and nyquist-plot.txt to install target. 11 years ago
mchinen ad612d1ac7 add EQDefaultCurves.xml to linux install 12 years ago
richardash1981 fce76e9f46 Corrext handling of builds where the name of the Audacity binary is not "audacity", via the --program-prefix and --program-suffix options to configure. 12 years ago
richardash1981 e383514bd0 Add the other files neded for compliance with the freedesktop.org Icon Theme Specification 0.6, using patch supplied by Benjamin Drung. Previous file still installed for compatibility although the spec doesn't call for it. 13 years ago
ra e74978ba77 Locate and position the current Audacity source code, and clear a variety of old junk out of the way into junk-branches 13 years ago