7 Commits (7e6842c1f9be6c58ce2fdfd7129b39c887d4ab8f)

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SteveDaulton 7e6842c1f9 Remove Silence Finder plug-in 2 years ago
SteveDaulton f57e69cfca Replace Sound Finder with Label Sounds 2 years ago
Leland Lucius c1407cdca9 Force use of our wxWidgets and fix RPATH handling 2 years ago
SteveDaulton 8e57ce451a Add spectral delete effect 2 years ago
SteveDaulton d5197fa773 Add eq-xml-to-txt-converter.ny to CMakeLists.txt 2 years ago
Leland Lucius f0e3ee2cde More cmake updates 3 years ago
Leland Lucius 6217351a12 Updates the cmake build system 3 years ago