13942 Commits (master)

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james.k.crook e3134f1a12 Shorter solution for patch #13 (scroll bars), also removes superfluous ifs left after removing number-of-digits = 1 or 2 choice code. 13 years ago
james.k.crook 44596429a7 Corrected version of Ed's patch #18 to localise some strings. 13 years ago
businessmanprogrammersteve 8704db3f63 Avoid rounding problem in HandleClear() 13 years ago
windinthew bfb812a9e4 Modifications to Benjamin Drung's patch (003) as agreed with James: 13 years ago
BusinessmanProgrammerSteve a6001192f2 In ODPCMAliasBlockFile check file existance before opening; solves bug 26 on Mac 13 years ago
james.k.crook 81c204a5f5 AudioDeviceInfo window now read-only and scroll bar rather than wrapping. 13 years ago
BusinessmanProgrammerSteve 9bbd180e39 Revert r10217 (wxWidgets applied my fix to the timer ID issue) 13 years ago
windinthew a2fdd857ac Updated software translation from Bashishtha Singh 13 years ago
james.k.crook 365c0c8ac3 Tweak radio-button spacing (slightly tighter) 13 years ago
james.k.crook 781491dfc0 Bugzilla:5 Fixed poor stacking of labels after a reverse effect. 13 years ago
james.k.crook 66206238b5 New option also needs to do enabling/disabling. 13 years ago
james.k.crook d84bc6b212 Enh: Allow number+name in export-multiple; patch thanks to Benjamin Drung. 13 years ago
james.k.crook db60792bb4 Title "Save Compressed Project As..." tweak by Ed Musgrove. 13 years ago
james.k.crook 5f0a075026 Bugzilla#109 more intuitive label movement. Now circle moves label, chevron moves edge whilst retaining boundary moving behaviour when labels abut. 13 years ago
LRN1986 1c3748c79c Fixed a typo in iAACSampleRates 13 years ago
richardash1981 584230b094 comment addition and clean-up 13 years ago
richardash1981 3d1217da2f Remove all the .cvsignore files we don't need any more, and update the svn:ignore properties as needed, plus some improvements 13 years ago
richardash1981 38743e9a6c Add m4 macro files to deps, whether these are used depends on configure options 13 years ago
windinthew d4e4d55f52 Moving Richard to "Developer" role as per Credits page on web site. 13 years ago
james.k.crook 4d5c10a690 Patch from Ed Musgrove to allow narrower meter bar, plus also actions from code-review. 13 years ago
windinthew 6727dace21 Further trim text as suggested by James to clear P2 "Custom FFmpeg Export Options Window oversized on 800x600". 13 years ago
windinthew d805522a84 David R Sky moved to "Contributors" 13 years ago
businessmanprogrammersteve 4fc182e812 wxMSW 2.8.11 doesn't allow multiple timers to have the same ID, so use wxID_ANY 13 years ago
windinthew 594dc3767c Updated software translation from Yuri Chornoivan 13 years ago
windinthew bd8f9cc161 Updated software translation from Lukmanul Hakim 13 years ago
businessmanprogrammersteve bd88beaf24 Fix compile error in VS. 13 years ago
BusinessmanProgrammerSteve dbc4aab314 Fix lots of snapping problems by moving snap-to-time into SnapManager. 13 years ago
BusinessmanProgrammerSteve 8bc7f68edc Eliminate a race condition. 13 years ago
james.k.crook 77b874c5d9 Label dragging enhancements, especial point labels (Bugzilla:109) 13 years ago
windinthew d6b0e9e0bb Updated software translation from Lukmanul Hakim 13 years ago
BusinessmanProgrammerSteve 10892c33e5 Fix up label behavior, clean up reverse effect 13 years ago
lllucius 7945e8723d Added hi and my translations to the Xcode project. 13 years ago
windinthew 45a006841d added Burmese (Myanmar) translation by Russell Kyaw 13 years ago
windinthew 37f89c192b added Burmese (Myanmar) translation by Russell Kyaw 13 years ago
BusinessmanProgrammerSteve b51db1586b Support mice with high-precision scroll wheels 13 years ago
windinthew 5e3b227f5b Updated software translation from Thomas De Rocker 13 years ago
windinthew 49146bd263 Updated software translation from Lukmanul Hakim 13 years ago
lllucius 9dd39ae427 Handle .svn directories instead of CVS ones. 13 years ago
lllucius 722cc49cf9 Make the file type dropdown readable by VoiceOver. 13 years ago
ra 6e3e8dcfff Remove some old erratta, and do a major tidy up of line endings and properties on source files 13 years ago
ra 58caf78a86 Move library tree where it belongs 13 years ago
ra e74978ba77 Locate and position the current Audacity source code, and clear a variety of old junk out of the way into junk-branches 13 years ago