14 Commits (master)

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TheEvilSkeleton 0f38200adf
Update copyright year 4 months ago
Emily Mabrey b650b5aafc
Enable Interprocedural Optimization 9 months ago
Emily Mabrey d73e9eb1cd
Innosetup installer updates 9 months ago
Lucas Fugmann 3d826b0d43
Replace Audacity branding in Innosetup, support HiDPI 9 months ago
Sebastian Rueth bbf9101a1b Change Audacity to Tenacity in Innosetup files 10 months ago
Sebastian Rueth 0d735e3b9f Fix building innosetup package on Win10 10 months ago
Dmitry Vedenko 6da25e1646 Add targets for packaging DMG and InnoSetup 11 months ago
Paul Licameli d167b0bc83 Correct Japanese strings for Linux destkop and Windows installer... 12 months ago
James Crook f0ba75773f Make file associations to new Audacity. 1 year ago
James Crook 463058e20c Associate .aup3 with Audacity in innosetup 1 year ago
Patriccollu a37162ffca Add Corsican language (co.po etc) 1 year ago
James Crook 16d52f63a4 Windows: Update setup wizard 2 years ago
James Crook 79340b6852 Update iss installer 2 years ago
James Crook 027c5b4533 Give Inno Setup its own folder 3 years ago