153 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Max Maisel c534e07424 Replace Compressor2 dynamic makeup gain with fixed output gain. 12 months ago
Max Maisel 7a23e6a52f Remove Dry/Wet mix from dynamic compressor effect. 1 year ago
Max Maisel dfffeb76dc Add Compressor2 realtime debugging utilities. 2 years ago
Max Maisel 1d7b143c91 Debugging helper code for Compressor2 effect. 2 years ago
Emily Mabrey 7450432f9a
Attempt to fix macOS build issues 5 months ago
Edgar 543bf3b993
CI: Move dependency install script to workflow 5 months ago
Edgar 3446825971
CI: Use scoop instead of choco 5 months ago
Sol Fisher Romanoff 9463eba2ea
Update macOS DMG background image 5 months ago
Be 0acf00d8b9
Use vcpkg for dependencies and cleanup GH Actions workflow 6 months ago
Emily Mabrey 4848dea701
Increase retries in `repeat_hdiutil.sh` script (#444) 6 months ago
Sol Fisher Romanoff 8cae1b7cb4
Replace references to topdir and libsrc 6 months ago
fossdd b59753cf2e
Remove `scripts/mailman-discard.pl` 6 months ago
Sol Fisher Romanoff 56c953a14d
Use git-describe in versions 6 months ago
Emily Mabrey e06af5bb29
Fix MacOS `hdiutil` CMake parallelization issue 6 months ago
Edgar 8a0502febd
CI: Install Conan using package manager 6 months ago
Edgar 5b308e2568
🎉 Added cmake target for building manpage with scdoc 6 months ago
Emily Mabrey 63e882ff96
Correct MacOS CPack configuration (#334) 6 months ago
Panagiotis Vasilopoulos 79d7db6aa7
macOS: Fix building, update instructions 7 months ago
Ajay Ramachandran cb7a6c9056
Rename executable names and package name 7 months ago
Emily Mabrey 2f316d5bc4
Rename project in many places; Replace Most Project Logos; Refactor `About Tenacity...` Dialog (#276) 6 months ago
Be e2864f5efc
GH Actions: ccache on macOS & Linux; sccache on Windows 7 months ago
Be 9c4fecd913
GH Actions: use Ninja CMake generator on Windows 7 months ago
Be 05573da353
GH Actions: use Unix Makefiles CMake generator on macOS 7 months ago
Be 49015e77d0
Remove `audacity_` prefix from CMake options 7 months ago
Emily Mabrey 61f9227f67
Reattempt fixing MacOS build problem related to CPack issue (#198) 7 months ago
Emily Mabrey 8c0cd2c688
Fix MacOS package step packaging target directory 7 months ago
Cookie Engineer 5728dd542f
💩 Remove Update Check 7 months ago
Cookie Engineer bbf352d36d
💩 Remove Sentry Reporting 7 months ago
gera 0ab6aefe11 Merge with master and resolve CI configure script conflict. 8 months ago
Peter Jonas de2213ea2c Generate AppImage on GitHub Actions 8 months ago
Vitaly Sverchinsky 2e0e3b4162 CI script fixes (sentry symbols upload) 8 months ago
Dmitry Vedenko 5f05b798f6 Fixes the way GIT_BRANCH is evalueated 8 months ago
Dmitry Vedenko 6da25e1646 Add targets for packaging DMG and InnoSetup 8 months ago
Vitaly Sverchinsky 08b1987ea3 sentry url fix 8 months ago
Vitaly Sverchinsky e8b186a9b4 Crashreporting 9 months ago
Peter Jonas 4b5c95d7fe Move GitHub Actions CI scripts into separate files 8 months ago
James Crook ebf0c103b6 Bug 2744 - Manual: Incorrect escaping of backslash character 10 months ago
Nikita Mahoviya 414087a83d Spelling 10 months ago
crpto-bug c2d3e500c9
Bug 2684 - Bitrot for Docimage script 10 months ago
James Crook 09df5ba173 Update sidebar used in manual-fetching script. 11 months ago
SteveDaulton 85079fd2ee A little more documentation for docimage scripts. 11 months ago
James Crook d9eb723e13 Bug 2665 - Docimage script now runs ahead and stalls. 11 months ago
Leland Lucius 443e4171f2 Make docimages_core.py py3 compatible 11 months ago
freddii 534359de6c
Fix minor typos (#720) 1 year ago
freddii 2593a84d56 Fix some spelling mistakes. 1 year ago
SteveDaulton dd6fe21853 Fix Bug 2552 - pipe_test.py fails to print return value from first command 1 year ago
James Crook 9acabbbed3 Fix mw2html byte artifact issues. 2 years ago
SteveDaulton d31db975ee pipeclient.py: stop reader if pipe broken 2 years ago
Paul Licameli c3a2eb043f scripts/graph.pl clusters certain sub-folders 2 years ago
Jack Thomson 27d6841a85 Update bash script to use python3 2 years ago