10 Commits (master)

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SteveDaulton 7e6842c1f9 Remove Silence Finder plug-in 3 years ago
SteveDaulton f57e69cfca Replace Sound Finder with Label Sounds 3 years ago
Leland Lucius c42d188e7b Removed old build system 3 years ago
SteveDaulton 8e57ce451a Add spectral delete effect 4 years ago
SteveDaulton ba511c4290 Add eq-xml-to-txt-converter.ny to nyq-po 4 years ago
Steve Daulton 6e6148604d Nyquist plug-in installer added 5 years ago
Paul Licameli 3e680852fd Update audacity.pot 5 years ago
Paul Licameli 369113973f Update audacity.pot 6 years ago
Paul Licameli 38a6ba5209 Generate nyq_po/audacity.pot 6 years ago
Paul Licameli 6ea647cc1d Set up for extracting i18n strings from .ny files with xgettext 6 years ago