672 Commits (master)

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v.audacity c159d469d6 Fix another bug reported by Wipro: "...at line 89 in function xlungetc , file xlio.c 12 years ago
prlivesey 3db9b4db68 Changes to fix compilation problems on a Mac after extensive changes to improve NoteTrack display. 12 years ago
rbdannenberg 639c8dbfb9 Fixed bug in Nyquist SND-AVG where block size smaller than skip size overwrote memory and crashed. 12 years ago
rbdannenberg a1f0e5ed5b Extensive changes to improve NoteTrack display and (some) editing, NoteTrack playback via MIDI, and Midi-to-Audio alignment. 12 years ago
v.audacity fb3e2dab1b Fix another error reported by Wipro, deref of possibly NULL pointer. 12 years ago
v.audacity c3cc10a265 Fix a couple of errors reported by Wipro. 12 years ago
v.audacity 37f52c4695 Eliminate MSVC compiler warnings. 12 years ago
v.audacity 4c72458c6c Eliminate MSVC compiler warnings. 12 years ago
v.audacity 8c51e56248 Switch to calling Yield via wxTheApp instead of wxGetApp(). Simpler to use pointer, AudacityApp doesn't override Yield, and this fixes compile error on VC++ Unicode Release. 12 years ago
v.audacity 54bd928ef6 regarding bug 9: 12 years ago
BusinessmanProgrammerSteve fc0dadf93c Apply Debian patch fixing a Portmixer-related crash (bug 174) 12 years ago
windinthew f72a38c3f1 Replace "version in Audacity CVS" with "version in Audacity SVN". "Crib notes on upgrading lib-src trees" still needs updating for SVN 12 years ago
clayton.otey@gmail.com 317ed4bf17 sbsms Transient Sharpening shouldn't crash anymore, but it's not thoroughly tested yet. 12 years ago
clayton.otey@gmail.com e92ecd240b Got rid of remaining sbsms windows warnings, except for fopen_s 12 years ago
clayton.otey@gmail.com 60faec3b24 Got rid of most warnings and errors for windows build 12 years ago
clayton.otey@gmail.com 299c327a71 SBSMS library/effect changes. Apparently resolves bug #170. Incorporated optimizations with minor quality changes. Returned optimization flags to build (introduced in a patch). The audacity SBSMS branch is now a trimmed down version without associated programs. Includes (untested) changes to the windows .vcproj. 12 years ago
richardash1981 566225ec25 Update to newer versions of config.guess and config.sub 12 years ago
richardash1981 97f24531bd These editor temporary files should never have been under version control 12 years ago
richardash1981 3d1217da2f Remove all the .cvsignore files we don't need any more, and update the svn:ignore properties as needed, plus some improvements 12 years ago
richardash1981 38743e9a6c Add m4 macro files to deps, whether these are used depends on configure options 12 years ago
lllucius 722cc49cf9 Make the file type dropdown readable by VoiceOver. 13 years ago
ra 6e3e8dcfff Remove some old erratta, and do a major tidy up of line endings and properties on source files 13 years ago
ra 58caf78a86 Move library tree where it belongs 13 years ago