11 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Joakim Gyllström 75b90ce4be
Opt in for macOS dark mode support 8 months ago
Mondanzo a7db3db5a9
Replace Audacity references in macOS manifest 8 months ago
aeiouaeiouaeiouaeiouaeiouaeiou b2243e97f4
Update macOS icons 9 months ago
Sol Fisher Romanoff 56c953a14d
Use git-describe in versions 10 months ago
Panagiotis Vasilopoulos 79d7db6aa7
macOS: Fix building, update instructions 10 months ago
Ajay Ramachandran cb7a6c9056
Rename executable names and package name 11 months ago
Leland Lucius dbd517751a Revert "Force opening in low resolution on the Mac" 1 year ago
Leland Lucius b6392f23d8 Force opening in low resolution on the Mac 1 year ago
Leland Lucius 1405f3a41e AUP3: Add aup3 to the Info.plist for the Mac 2 years ago
Leland Lucius 2e113ba0a5 More cmake updates 2 years ago
Leland Lucius 6217351a12 Updates the cmake build system 2 years ago
Leland Lucius 31d9789c4d Force Aqua appearance on 10.15+ 2 years ago
Leland Lucius 5fe89c6498 First stab at notarization 2 years ago
Paul Licameli e051de0b68 Abandon the drag-and-drop of plug ins for now. 4 years ago
Paul Licameli b8df8e753b macOs magic to allow drag and drop of .ny file onto Audacity program icon 4 years ago
James Crook c493e38a68 Use org.audacityteam.audacty 6 years ago
Leland Lucius 582ee7b45e Cleanup Mac build and subdirectory 7 years ago
Leland Lucius b8872a4a02 Round 2 of wx3 changes on OSX 7 years ago
lllucius c576fc4893 1) Fixes a problem where you can't run Audacity from withing Xcode 11 years ago
lllucius 07661c186f Fixes detection problems on Mac and possibly Windows (Bug #290) 11 years ago
ra e74978ba77 Locate and position the current Audacity source code, and clear a variety of old junk out of the way into junk-branches 13 years ago