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BUILDING.md: VST2 requires GTK w/ X11 on non-Apple/non-Windows 11 months ago
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BUILDING.md: Add FreeBSD install instructions 12 months ago
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CMake: add options to disable sccache and ccache if they are found 1 year ago
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Corrected inaccurate build instructions and vague points in install instructions 1 year ago
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Remove `audacity_` prefix from CMake options 1 year ago
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docs: installing tenacity is not supported, yet. (#187) 1 year ago
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Update build document to reflect name change in fork 1 year ago
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Remove the reference for snap as it uses ridiculous amount of space 1 year ago
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Clarifies the build instruction for Linux 1 year ago
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Lower the requirement of Python and CMake 1 year ago
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Require higher cmake version number. 1 year ago
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