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@ -97,6 +97,28 @@ sudo pacman -S cmake ninja ccache expat gcc-libs gdk-pixbuf2 glibc flac gtk3 gli
TODO: add portsmf and sbsms to this package list when those packages are updated.
#### Alpine
The build dependencies for Tenacity and wxWidgets can be found on Alpine's
community repository:
sudo apk add cmake samurai lame-dev libsndfile-dev soxr-dev sqlite-dev portaudio-dev portmidi-dev libid3tag-dev soundtouch-dev libmad-dev ffmpeg-dev
wxWidgets 3.1 is required but not packaged in Alpine Linux. Refer to the
[wxWidgets documentation](
for how to install it from source code, and make sure to set
`--disable-xlocale` in the configuration.
To install wxWidgets' dependencies:
sudo apk add gtk+3.0-dev zlib-dev libpng-dev tiff-dev libjpeg-turbo-dev expat-dev
TODO: add portsmf and libsbsms to this package list when aports are accepted.
#### vcpkg on Linux
Optionally, you can build dependencies from source using vcpkg, with the