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The following people have contributed to the Rivendell codebase:
Todd Baker <>
C client binding for the Rivendell Web API [rivwebcapi].
--create-startdate-offset and --create-enddate-offset options for
Hotkey system.
Luigino Bracci <>
Spanish translation.
Josh Edelstein <>
Icon Set
Pavel Fric <>.
Czech Translation (cs)
Stefan Gabriel <>
Integrated Music Scheduler
RDLibrary MultiCart Editing Mode
Federico Grau <>
JACK driver cleanups, RDAdmin Audio Ports Dialog enhancements.
PAM Authentication Module
Fred Gleason <>
Application Architect
Patrick Linstruth <>
General Bugfixes
rddbconfig(8) Utility
TuneIn, IceCast2, and X-Command PyPAD scripts
Dan Mills <>
General Bughunter Extrordinaire
Eivind Ødegård <>
Norwegian Translation (nb_NO and nn_NO)
Michael Papsdorf <>
German translation (de).
Alban Peignier <>
RDImport batch file importer.
RDScheduler music scheduler.
Debian Packaging.
Daniel Roviriego <>
Portuguese Translation (pt_BR).
Chris Smowton
MP4 importation support.
Scott Spillers <>
The original Icon set
David Klann <>
Some small bug fixes