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require '../../includes/csrf.php';
require_once '../../includes/config.php';
$entity = $_POST['entity'];
if (isset($entity)) {
// generate public/private key pairs for entity
$pubkey = RASPI_WIREGUARD_PATH.$entity.'-public.key';
$privkey = RASPI_WIREGUARD_PATH.$entity.'-private.key';
$pubkey_tmp = '/tmp/'.$entity.'-public.key';
$privkey_tmp = '/tmp/'.$entity.'-private.key';
exec("sudo wg genkey | tee $privkey_tmp | wg pubkey > $pubkey_tmp", $return);
$wgdata['pubkey'] = str_replace("\n",'',file_get_contents($pubkey_tmp));
exec("sudo mv $privkey_tmp $privkey", $return);
exec("sudo mv $pubkey_tmp $pubkey", $return);
echo json_encode($wgdata);