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Bill Zimmerman 5c22eafa31
Merge pull request #1147 from RaspAP/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/minimist-1.2.6
12 months ago
.. Wrong assumption of default behaviour 1 year ago Implement Client configuration 2 years ago Add newline 3 years ago Updating to help troubleshoot #132 5 years ago Workaround for logs permissions not sticking 3 years ago Add auto YES to apt-get in order to avoid abort during installation 2 years ago Fix ownership of firewall directory 2 years ago Update comments, apply best practices 3 years ago Revise openvpn log output method 2 years ago
raspap.sudoers Fix: chmod o+r for /var/log/dnsmasq.log 1 year ago
raspapd.service Update 3 years ago Merge with upstream master 2 years ago Reassociate client iface in AP-STA, thx @mp035 2 years ago Add bridged-routed toggle script 3 years ago fix: uninstall script default option #1140 1 year ago Initial commit 3 years ago Implement update firewall function 2 years ago