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Bill Zimmerman 5c22eafa31
Merge pull request #1147 from RaspAP/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/minimist-1.2.6
12 months ago
client_config Correct Hilink authentication and service 2 years ago
50-raspap-router.conf fix url rewriting 2 years ago
090_raspap.conf Fix for Debian 11 / kernel 5.10.63 compatibility 1 year ago
090_wlan0.conf Set default config static dns + router 2 years ago
blocklists.json Update hosts-blocklist 3 years ago
client_udev_prototypes.json Add 2 years ago
config.php Merge First Edition of RaspAP/raspap-insiders 1 year ago
defaults.json WIP: txpower feature 2 years ago
dhcpcd.conf Decouple default settings from wlan0 cfg 2 years ago
dns-servers.json add second quad9 service address 2 years ago
hostapd.conf Add bridged-routed toggle script 3 years ago
iptables_rules.json Add IPv6 to Firewall 2 years ago Add bridged-routed toggle script 3 years ago
raspap-bridge-br0.netdev Add bridged-routed toggle script 3 years ago
wireless.json Update 5GHz countries, thx @roelfrenkema 3 years ago