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# RaspAP SSL certificate installation functions
# Author: @billz <>
# License: GNU General Public License v3.0
# You are not obligated to bundle the LICENSE file with your RaspAP projects as long
# as you leave these references intact in the header comments of your source files.
# Exit on error
set -o errexit
# Exit on error inside functions
set -o errtrace
# Turn on traces, disabled by default
# set -o xtrace
# Set defaults
readonly mkcert_version="1.4.1"
readonly git_source_url="${mkcert_version}"
### NOTE: all the below functions are overloadable for system-specific installs
function _config_installation() {
_install_log "Configure a new SSL certificate"
echo "Current system hostname is $HOSTNAME"
echo -n "Create an SSL certificate for ${certname}? (Recommended) [y/N]"
if [ $assume_yes == 0 ]; then
read answer < /dev/tty
if [[ $answer != "y" ]]; then
read -e -p < /dev/tty "Enter an alternate certificate name: " -i "${certname}" certname
echo -e
echo -n "Install to lighttpd SSL directory: ${lighttpd_ssl}? [y/N]: "
if [ $assume_yes == 0 ]; then
read answer < /dev/tty
if [[ $answer != "y" ]]; then
read -e -p < /dev/tty "Enter alternate lighttpd SSL directory: " -i "${lighttpd_ssl}" lighttpd_ssl
echo -e
echo "A new SSL certificate for: ${certname}"
echo "will be installed to lighttpd SSL directory: ${lighttpd_ssl}"
echo -n "Complete installation with these values? [y/N]: "
if [ $assume_yes == 0 ]; then
read answer < /dev/tty
if [[ $answer != "y" ]]; then
echo "Installation aborted."
exit 0
echo -e
# Installs pre-built mkcert binary for Arch Linux ARM
function _install_mkcert() {
_install_log "Fetching mkcert binary"
sudo wget -q ${git_source_url}/mkcert-v${mkcert_version}-linux-arm -O /usr/local/bin/mkcert || _install_error "Unable to download mkcert"
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/mkcert
_install_log "Installing mkcert"
mkcert -install || _install_error "Failed to install mkcert"
# Generate a certificate for host
function _generate_certificate() {
_install_log "Generating a new certificate for $certname"
cd $HOME
mkcert $certname "*.${certname}.local" $certname || _install_error "Failed to generate certificate for $certname"
_install_log "Combining private key and certificate"
cat $certname+2-key.pem $certname+2.pem > $certname.pem || _install_error "Failed to combine key and certificate"
echo "OK"
# Create a directory for the combined .pem file in lighttpd
function _create_lighttpd_dir() {
_install_log "Creating SLL directory for lighttpd"
if [ ! -d "$lighttpd_ssl" ]; then
sudo mkdir -p "$lighttpd_ssl" || _install_error "Failed to create lighttpd directory"
echo "OK"
_install_log "Setting permissions and moving .pem file"
chmod 400 "$HOME/$certname".pem || _install_error "Unable to set permissions for .pem file"
sudo mv "$HOME/$certname".pem /etc/lighttpd/ssl || _install_error "Unable to move .pem file"
echo "OK"
# Generate config to enable SSL in lighttpd
function _configure_lighttpd() {
_install_log "Configuring lighttpd for SSL"
'server.modules += ("mod_openssl")'
'$SERVER["socket"] == ":443" {'
'ssl.engine = "enable"'
'ssl.pemfile = "'$lighttpd_ssl/$certname'.pem"'
' = "'$HOME'/.local/share/mkcert/rootCA.pem"'
' = "'$certname'"'
'server.document-root = "'${webroot_dir}'"}'
for line in "${lines[@]}"; do
if grep -Fxq "${line}" "${lighttpd_conf}" > /dev/null; then
echo "$line: Line already added"
sudo sed -i "$ a $line" $lighttpd_conf
echo "Adding line $line"
echo "OK"
# Copy rootCA.pem to RaspAP web root
function _copy_rootca() {
_install_log "Copying rootCA.pem to RaspAP web root"
sudo cp ${HOME}/.local/share/mkcert/rootCA.pem ${webroot_dir} || _install_error "Unable to copy rootCA.pem to ${webroot_dir}"
echo "OK"
# Restart lighttpd service
function _restart_lighttpd() {
_install_log "Restarting lighttpd service"
sudo systemctl restart lighttpd.service || _install_error "Unable to restart lighttpd service"
sudo systemctl status lighttpd.service
function _install_complete() {
_install_log "SSL certificate install completed!"
printf '%s\n' \
"Open a browser and enter the address: http://$certname/rootCA.pem" \
"Download the root certificate to your client and add it to your system keychain." \
"Note: Be sure to set this certificate to 'Always trust' to avoid browser warnings." \
"Finally, enter the address https://$certname in your browser." \
"Enjoy an encrypted SSL connection to RaspAP 🔒" \
"For advanced options, run mkcert -help"
function _install_certificate() {