10 Commits (f0ef11bcf5413b1c8a762d9264fab3441e8ecd9e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Lukas 2b3b0eb6c2 fix #1068 data size units 11 months ago
Lukas b5b2e81d3b
fix overwrite issues 11 months ago
billz 5415707721 Fix for vnStat v2.6 (bullseye) breaking changes 1 year ago
billz 4be05fe85e Fix for vnStat v2.6 (bullseye) breaking changes. Resolves #1064 1 year ago
billz 4b27f9c844 Bugfix: vnstat column name change 1 year ago
billz a426823aee Bugfix: vnstat column name change. Resolves #1060 1 year ago
billz 457da91008 Processed with phpcbf 3 years ago
glaszig 1fddad190f fix require paths 4 years ago
glaszig da69d3d768 send CSRF token in a response header, 4 years ago
Benjamin Leblond a295cf87c0 new feature data usage hourly 4 years ago
D9ping 7c3820d9ab Use seperate container for chart and datatable. 5 years ago
D9ping 7b2f42f326 Added Morris.Js chart and jquery.datatable to bandwidth page. 5 years ago