55 Commits (993dc633a95084e02cf55e0e1725016ba9d56078)

Author SHA1 Message Date
glaszig 993dc633a9 load wifi stations via ajax, cache the scan result 3 years ago
glaszig 8f3489cd4a remove id attribute from csrf token field due to obsolescence 3 years ago
glaszig f36b08c10a rename CSRFToken() to the more apt CSRFTokenFieldTag() 3 years ago
glaszig 0a255e8b49 don't write the csrf token field to the output buffer 3 years ago
glaszig 6f1ae104f3 improve CSRFToken() implementation 3 years ago
glaszig 2f6dc2cc05 remove superfluous semi-colon 3 years ago
glaszig 964dc00fab generate a new csrf token for each request 3 years ago
glaszig 7898dc24c8 mcrypt_create_iv is deprecated, openssl_random_pseudo_bytes 3 years ago
glaszig b9e9b7fe39 move csrf token initialization into function 3 years ago
glaszig 0967a53152 validate token value from csrf token header 3 years ago
glaszig 20bb9fe42f add csrf meta tag (for use with xhr, for example) 3 years ago
glaszig f989b8060b always verify csrf token for resource-modifying requests, 3 years ago
glaszig d18dbd7def add ui to manage static dhcp leases 3 years ago
billz 3f9b422f5f Update safefilerewrite with PHP_EOL 3 years ago
billz 1008f83cc4 Update write_php_ini 3 years ago
billz ce93faa277 Update write_php_ini 3 years ago
billz c0570b616e Processed with phpcs for PSR-2 coding standard 3 years ago
D9ping 54e55775ea Fix incorrect escaping break lines of WPA and WPA2 secured networks. 4 years ago
D9ping 73f5e4f2da Properly use for attribute for label tags on hostapd page. 4 years ago
D9ping 5988dab56e Fixed html option end tag. 4 years ago
Bill Zimmerman a02b525fc1 Added missing double-quote. Fixes #222. Thanks @seebz 4 years ago
D9ping fb7ba20055 Fixed php notices log messages. 4 years ago
D9ping 2b03fa316d Escape client input, console output etc. before doing any echo. 4 years ago
Russ Marshall ff36dbb3b4 support for 5GHz channels 5 years ago
Lawrence f61cc31b20 Created new branch off master to help troubleshoot with #132 5 years ago
Lawrence 7845c8908b Initial commit to enable logging for hostapd 5 years ago
Lawrence 7749b79e2f Implemented start of web interface to update Static IP addresses or use DHCP. 5 years ago
Joe Haig 2d992fb4ac Revert back to using /etc/init.d 6 years ago
Joe Haig 58bd439b4d Replace /etc.init.d with service 6 years ago
Joe Haig e953e68556 Redo 'Configure client' page 6 years ago
Joe Haig c7ed97dd8b Change method of calculating channel and security 6 years ago
Joe Haig fe3b0e9513 Move client wifi configuration into separate file 6 years ago
Joe Haig 095e1afa8c Move Dashboard function to separate file 6 years ago
Joe Haig 7406a5050c Move system page into separate file 6 years ago
Joe Haig bff9dfbbbc Some validation on POST data 6 years ago
Joe Haig 671016e685 Add CSRF to hostapd config 6 years ago
Joe Haig 15a4ece433 Move function to save HostAPD config too 6 years ago
Joe Haig bfb1332cdf Move HostAPD into separate file 6 years ago
Joseph Haig 3b043950de Add CSRF to DHCP form 6 years ago
Joseph Haig d92b01e8f2 Fix tabbing 6 years ago
Joe Haig 5c2492e785 Add CSRF token to password change page 6 years ago
Joe Haig d431c3f767 Permit flags in the config 6 years ago
Joe Haig 443c75390a Set $status to avoid error 6 years ago
Joe Haig 2e8c97d421 Correctly find Received Bytes 6 years ago
Joe Haig 098caa1262 Remove spurious ' character 6 years ago
Bill Zimmerman 94a7465395 Updated panel icon 6 years ago
zlolz 638f2e6d3d add cpu load bar, colour mem and cpu bars baased values (ok, warning, danger) 6 years ago
zlolz de7c0f7d79 Add System Info and System Control (foundation) 6 years ago
zlolz 96e179e501 hostapd & dhcpd -- ensure all interfaces are selectable 6 years ago
Joe Haig 926d7ba13b Add more PHP_EOLs 6 years ago