26 Commits (76e2eecaec5817f07ee3f890988f29a0717afa43)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Christian Zeitnitz 76e2eecaec Correct internet device GUI and udev config 1 year ago
billz b21ea0d28d Transfer template logic to includes, see #749 thx @mp035 2 years ago
Mark Pointing 12b69590da Removed some band-aid fixes of incorrect client/ap interface identification function. 2 years ago
Mark Pointing ed09f9b9da Cleaned up some debugging code identified when comparing PR. 2 years ago
Mark Pointing c5f692263d Fixed function getWifiInterface for rpi0W. The old version would get 'wifi_client_interface' and 'ap_interface' reversed when rpi0W is used in AP-STA mode. This commit fixes the issue. 2 years ago
zbchristian e6652c025d
Remove check on existing SESSION variable 2 years ago
zbchristian 417e9489bb
disable check on existing session variable 2 years ago
christian Zeitnitz 656ba9234b Fix intial assignment of $_SESSION['ap_interface'] 2 years ago
christian Zeitnitz f8a094134b Add Session variable "wifi_client_interface" 2 years ago
billz 9d1659b97b Document getWifiInterface 2 years ago
billz 8ae1e5a8f2 Rename constant for clarity 2 years ago
billz 2ca9bf5b6f Rename ambiguous variable for clarity 2 years ago
zbchristian 633f389f4e
Check for second wifi interface as wifi client 2 years ago
billz 2814ab5d55 Bugfix: typo 2 years ago
billz 43819ddfd2 Fix require path 2 years ago
billz e3c378427b Added getWifiInterface 2 years ago
billz b14175ab0c Replace interface constant with _SESSION value 2 years ago
billz eb6f2c5db7 Fix build error 2 years ago
billz 1a8ffd94fc Replaced tabs w/ spaces, applied PSR-2 code standard 2 years ago
billz b128c4106c Applied patches from #581 2 years ago
billz 457da91008 Processed with phpcbf 3 years ago
billz 7938069841 Minor: mode change 3 years ago
billz 8be24381a8 Processed with phpcbf for PSR-2 coding standard 3 years ago
glaszig 1c8931c63b restore configuration of multiple networks 3 years ago
glaszig 993dc633a9 load wifi stations via ajax, cache the scan result 3 years ago