27 Commits (300f2c24570d08229fc4d9d3cb4be4c646451e2d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Christian Zeitnitz 300f2c2457 Cleanup and fix for udev rules written for clients 1 year ago
billz 61c550165d Update with form-control class 1 year ago
Christian Zeitnitz 5b9d4ca814 Add unconfigured client state to dashboard.php 1 year ago
Christian Zeitnitz 68ec5f7db5 Fix name of internal wlan interface 1 year ago
Christian Zeitnitz f77fb660bf Fix missing mobiledata.ini and some cleanup 1 year ago
Christian Zeitnitz 76e2eecaec Correct internet device GUI and udev config 1 year ago
Christian Zeitnitz 8b0383dd20 Implement Client configuration 1 year ago
billz b21ea0d28d Transfer template logic to includes, see #749 thx @mp035 2 years ago
billz a21009e049 Remove networking dhcp config (deprecated) 2 years ago
billz deaf393a2f Expose metric for network interfaces 2 years ago
billz cfbfff00a9 Update w/ fontawesome glyphs 2 years ago
zbchristian 33a099de61
Define displayed text for internet access 2 years ago
billz d878cbf356 Processed with phpcbf 2 years ago
zbchristian 5a311d24ec
Remove duplicated title 2 years ago
zbchristian 365bb3fa25
Add internet connectivity information 2 years ago
Taikuh 5e44aae1c5 Disable incompatible settings when bridged 2 years ago
glaszig acb5df1601 remove redundant wording 2 years ago
billz 929fbd2572 Standardize card-headers 3 years ago
billz 05f466491f Update w/ new fontawesome icon 3 years ago
billz ac3197f7f6 Numerous presentation fixes/tweaks 3 years ago
billz b3d736cb61 Tweak card-header 3 years ago
billz 40e408dd98 Work in progress 3 years ago
billz 80aa640ac4 Minor: mode change 3 years ago
billz ef406edc61 Added check for monitor setting. Resolves #378 3 years ago
billz 48c9880a92 Update panel class fix 3 years ago
glaszig 2cd2082499 fixed up networking template 3 years ago
glaszig 89f3330606 use template for network page 3 years ago