59 Commits (master)

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billz 4af08391fa Update files from gulp build 2 years ago
billz 0fa59b3272 Adjust wg font-size 2 years ago
billz 070b1db425 Create RaspAP webfont 2 years ago
glaszig cc584e0b6b replace bootstrap4-toggle in favor of bootstrap's more lightweight custom-switch 2 years ago
billz 7e3e830d00 Updated /dist with missing dependencies 2 years ago
billz 7c1eba1fe7 Removed obsolete component 2 years ago
billz 5be23d9b33 Replaced obsolete component. long live bootstrap4-toggle! 2 years ago
billz a479911a63 Add vendor component from gulp build 2 years ago
billz 6880f54178 Replace sb-admin2 bootstrap 3.x dependencies 2 years ago
billz ee2bddcd80 Update /dist from gulp build 2 years ago
billz 2beb36c351 Moved to /app, standardize directory structure 2 years ago
billz f681326240 Moved to /app, standardize directory structure 2 years ago
billz e78606f233 Cleanup/reorg project dependencies 2 years ago
billz c81888e716 Cleanup/reorg project dependencies 2 years ago
billz ad1db22661 Create /dist to reflect updated gulp build 2 years ago
glaszig 61f38ceda6 removed obosolete js file 2 years ago
billz f634617dcb Minor: fixed indents 2 years ago
billz 82d5b45cdd Added min-height to .js-wifi-stations, fixed indents 2 years ago
billz 165b9865cf Apply service-status to theme 3 years ago
billz 97efe3a516 Update unstyled elements 3 years ago
glaszig 993dc633a9 load wifi stations via ajax, cache the scan result 3 years ago
glaszig c70433585a move all other favicon-types into dist/icons folder, 3 years ago
glaszig 2104ccb91a favicons and sorts can stay in subdirectories 3 years ago
glaszig 1152637120 puts service status as label into panel heading 3 years ago
glaszig d18dbd7def add ui to manage static dhcp leases 3 years ago
glaszig e02557af3a add pre.unstyled css rule 3 years ago
billz 8d80fc9add Retain some favicons for github pages support 3 years ago
billz 8796b5d359 Moved favicons to dist/icons. Updated installer 3 years ago
billz 1694dd31b9 Updated styles for configure_client UI elements 3 years ago
billz 99a451a3e9 Style additions for data usage UI 3 years ago
billz 902281294f Added vendor directory & gulp support for better dependency organization + compiling less & js files. added gulp 4 years ago
billz 0c696e061f Applied style to label 4 years ago
billz bb7481c1a4 Applied style to btn states 4 years ago
billz 0a57cd8001 Applied style to webconsole 4 years ago
billz af9f997eb0 Applied style to .alert-danger 4 years ago
billz ea6737e1be Applied style to missing elements 4 years ago
billz 19a32f53ba Applied theme styles to log output 4 years ago
Lawrence 7b93326478 updated stylesheet and installer with left out stuff 4 years ago
Lawrence 7845c8908b Initial commit to enable logging for hostapd 4 years ago
Lawrence 6fefbf7a2d Updated webconsole styling 4 years ago
Lawrence 4d04155895 Added webconsole to system pane, added tabs to system pane to allow for webconsole to be hidden/shown 4 years ago
billz 822136bf03 Applied style to navbar toggle 4 years ago
billz 8a501c075f Persist selected theme in dropdown 4 years ago
billz f6c983d8ff Applied missing style to th element 4 years ago
billz 557a0b6ce0 Added VT100 scan line effect 4 years ago
billz 508110a9c0 Support for themes 4 years ago
Joe Haig b353dd77a8 Add password length check 6 years ago
Joe Haig a87d7ee869 Allow open networks 6 years ago
Bill Zimmerman 26210318a1 Minor tweaks 6 years ago
zlolz de7c0f7d79 Add System Info and System Control (foundation) 6 years ago