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billz 78e56ecf88 Minor: update set_error message 4 weeks ago
billz 5017fb16b9 Fix merge conflict 1 month ago
billz 2ca5f25dff Merge First Edition of RaspAP/raspap-insiders 2 months ago
billz c9c321c435 Remove pw requirement for open networks #1039 3 months ago
billz 3145b6050e Legacy 802.11a UI support. Resolves #983 6 months ago
billz 6be1ad1612 Legacy 802.11a UI support. Resolves #983 6 months ago
billz c3a219e340 Update class w/ namespace, phpcbf formatting 6 months ago
Fabrice Colas 17597cd2cc DHCP static leases w/ optional comment 6 months ago
billz 1adaca1ea1 Set file upload as default wg config method 7 months ago
billz de586e0024 Work in progress: WG server config panels 7 months ago
billz 8cd2c59ca1 Update w/ namespace 7 months ago
billz 8ae0fce366 Initial commit 7 months ago
zbchristian f721c08dc9
Fix openvpn activation of configuration 8 months ago
billz 083e19d631 Update About page insiders logo 8 months ago
billz 04fc73326b Update release version 8 months ago
billz ac6f31fa22 Adjust hr color + padding 8 months ago
glaszig ba438faaa2 fix service status vertical alignment 8 months ago
glaszig d711acb52d use css grid for wifi stations layout (better width equality) 8 months ago
glaszig d9212737e5 fix layout issues, mainly margins and centering 8 months ago
glaszig 9dc1f14ccb separate connected from known from nearby wifi stations in ui 8 months ago
glaszig 1c7f57467f add missing css class to lightsout theme 9 months ago
billz 4841d9336a Remove locale include (unused) 9 months ago
glaszig 947ccf7021 add margin to wifi qr code to have it work with dark background (i.e. dark theme) 9 months ago
glaszig 45a50edc41 use special multibyte shell escaping to support unicode ssid names with qr code 9 months ago
glaszig e76c31c9c6 revert part of 3a41b52c to respect http method's purpose 9 months ago
billz 90aea4ca93 Set locale for utf-8 support, remove mb_escapeshellarg (deprecated) 9 months ago
billz 3a41b52c1d Update method to POST + escapeshellarg() 9 months ago
billz 6c674537bb WIP: txpower feature 9 months ago
billz d3c769b748 Layout fix: dashboard client widget + openvpn ipv4 10 months ago
billz f9e907e3ce Tweak layout of dashboard client widget 10 months ago
glaszig 6196bcd311 add 'default route' toggle to network interface configuration ui 10 months ago
root 41e27cc546 improving layout, text and styles of wifi client box 10 months ago
billz 1503d81317 Apply styles to themes css 10 months ago
root ec3fa1002b improving layout, text and styles of wifi client box 10 months ago
Christian Zeitnitz 5b9d4ca814 Add unconfigured client state to dashboard.php 10 months ago
Christian Zeitnitz 720e6c3e77 Add certificate option to openvpn GUI 10 months ago
Christian Zeitnitz 159e3674e5 cleanup common.sh 11 months ago
Christian Zeitnitz f77fb660bf Fix missing mobiledata.ini and some cleanup 11 months ago
billz c7c8eacb0c Minor: remove debug output 11 months ago
billz 1c158eade7 Add handler for wg client.conf download 11 months ago
Christian Zeitnitz 76e2eecaec Correct internet device GUI and udev config 11 months ago
billz 1e7438da23 Code cleanup, update Endpoint default value 11 months ago
Christian Zeitnitz 8b0383dd20 Implement Client configuration 11 months ago
billz 96bd34f07f Add event listener for Bootstrap form validation 11 months ago
billz 55e94adb2b Add PHP_EOLs to parsed client.conf 11 months ago
billz 3ac70a3a3c Move qr_encode() to inc/functions 11 months ago
billz 4515ac95fb Improved private key handling (security) 11 months ago
billz 6b484d383c Progress commit: wg-qr-code 11 months ago
billz 3ec81ba085 Get/set pub+priv keys, create wg0.conf 11 months ago
billz b7ed2960c1 Update wg-keygen for server + peer 11 months ago