74 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
billz b6cd2e0fa1 Initial commit: ajax get channel 2 years ago
glaszig 1c8931c63b restore configuration of multiple networks 3 years ago
billz 9cb564a15f Processed with phpcs for PSR-2 coding standard 3 years ago
glaszig 63c3fc57f0 parse interface config ini the same as in 6e33e4c (#348) 3 years ago
glaszig 993dc633a9 load wifi stations via ajax, cache the scan result 3 years ago
glaszig 1fddad190f fix require paths 3 years ago
glaszig da69d3d768 send CSRF token in a response header, 3 years ago
glaszig 87fe8948b8 remove splattered, duplicated csrf validation code 3 years ago
glaszig 3db99c7d21 * escape html entities in network interface settings 3 years ago
Jon van Noort 6e33e4c882 changed call to parse_ini_file() to use INI_SCANNER_RAW, so that ini values are parsed as expected 3 years ago
Benjamin Leblond a295cf87c0 new feature data usage hourly 3 years ago
D9ping 7c3820d9ab Use seperate container for chart and datatable. 4 years ago
D9ping 7b2f42f326 Added Morris.Js chart and jquery.datatable to bandwidth page. 4 years ago
D9ping 182a6509e9 Don't allow to read ini file everywhere on filesystem. 4 years ago
D9ping 2b03fa316d Escape client input, console output etc. before doing any echo. 4 years ago
Lawrence 7845c8908b Initial commit to enable logging for hostapd 5 years ago
Lawrence 8d77295fd3 Updated sudoers to accomodate restarting dhcpcd to apply network settings. 5 years ago
Lawrence 7749b79e2f Implemented start of web interface to update Static IP addresses or use DHCP. 5 years ago