74 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Lukas 2b3b0eb6c2 fix #1068 data size units 2 months ago
Lukas b5b2e81d3b
fix overwrite issues 2 months ago
billz b1da175ea7 Fix: dhcpcd default-route status check 6 months ago
zbchristian c33cf5f81a Fix display of non-ASCII SSID 10 months ago
billz 5415707721 Fix for vnStat v2.6 (bullseye) breaking changes 7 months ago
billz 4be05fe85e Fix for vnStat v2.6 (bullseye) breaking changes. Resolves #1064 7 months ago
billz 4b27f9c844 Bugfix: vnstat column name change 7 months ago
billz a426823aee Bugfix: vnstat column name change. Resolves #1060 7 months ago
zbchristian 7344c323ee Fix display of non-ASCII SSID 10 months ago
billz 83c6e17970 Refactor openvpn activate cfg ajax 1 year ago
glaszig 9dc1f14ccb separate connected from known from nearby wifi stations in ui 1 year ago
Christian Zeitnitz b99752c4cd Implement login for Hilink devices 1 year ago
glaszig e76c31c9c6 revert part of 3a41b52c to respect http method's purpose 1 year ago
billz 4baac6eae2 Escape constant, arg + extension 1 year ago
billz 3a41b52c1d Update method to POST + escapeshellarg() 1 year ago
zbchristian 29c4c5a833
Fix default device name numbering in UDEV rule 1 year ago
glaszig 6196bcd311 add 'default route' toggle to network interface configuration ui 1 year ago
Christian Zeitnitz fc83727408 Use client.conf to get path and name of configuration 1 year ago
Christian Zeitnitz d7428be2ec Fix json format of client udev prototypes 1 year ago
Christian Zeitnitz 300f2c2457 Cleanup and fix for udev rules written for clients 1 year ago
Christian Zeitnitz 11e2724afa Dashboard: show correct status after switching the client state 1 year ago
billz ee634c4b50 Initial commit: ajax fetch wg client.conf 1 year ago
Christian Zeitnitz 76e2eecaec Correct internet device GUI and udev config 1 year ago
Christian Zeitnitz 8b0383dd20 Implement Client configuration 1 year ago
billz 4515ac95fb Improved private key handling (security) 1 year ago
billz 3ec81ba085 Get/set pub+priv keys, create wg0.conf 1 year ago
billz d871e271ef Initial commit: wgkey gen 1 year ago
billz ee1da31da0 Code cleanup 1 year ago
billz dc1e4b4bc7 Swap profiles + restart openvpn-client 1 year ago
billz 12dd5d824b Progress commit: bootstrap modal event handlers 1 year ago
billz 9bc9f2d3d7 Add ajax delete handler 1 year ago
billz b21ea0d28d Transfer template logic to includes, see #749 thx @mp035 1 year ago
billz 1c6d837a80 Bugfix: handle subnetmask null value 2 years ago
billz b09d61619a Bugfix: typo 2 years ago
billz a21009e049 Remove networking dhcp config (deprecated) 2 years ago
billz 495f33eaa3 Added subnet mask display/edit 2 years ago
billz 2ff8f6f179 Bugfix: add/update/delete config 2 years ago
billz d3e842f6db Update ajax w/ dhcpcd settings 2 years ago
billz e4856484d9 Add advanced fields to JSON response 2 years ago
billz 3b5c7805cb Initial commit: AJAX get_netcfg 2 years ago
billz 602c2a2a7f Return iface name in absence of cfgFile 2 years ago
billz deaf393a2f Expose metric for network interfaces 2 years ago
billz b128c4106c Applied patches from #581 2 years ago
billz 15032a3f44 Apply zbchristian patch 2 years ago
billz 1103401fe0 replace blocklist dest w/ constant 2 years ago
billz ab68168951 Update blocklist_dest 2 years ago
billz ca7bde25c6 Update ajax handler + indicate status 2 years ago
billz 0d18432343 Initial commit 2 years ago
billz 457da91008 Processed with phpcbf 2 years ago
billz 9fc2b9d91e Use defaults in absence of user config. Resolves #486 2 years ago