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Bill Zimmerman ce7e84ec61
Merge pull request #1326 from eldstal/master 1 day ago
eldstal db6bf4c6b4 Additional type check on sensitive network ID parameter 1 day ago
billz 10738f5b7b Minor: add missing mkcert option to help 2 days ago
eldstal 30e35574a1 Input sanitization for wpa client, Fix for #1325 3 days ago
billz 592bce02bf Update release version 4 days ago
Bill Zimmerman fa22327719
Update BACKERS.md 4 days ago
Bill Zimmerman 238e1670fc
Merge pull request #1322 from RaspAP/maint/security 4 days ago
billz 7760a1d7cb Update sanitize var method 4 days ago
billz 1e52ff598b Sanitize input with escapeshellarg() 4 days ago
Bill Zimmerman dda1fe6bbb
Merge pull request #1319 from RaspAP/feat/minwrite 4 days ago
billz 454e5d7ea8 Update remove_packages + disable_services 4 days ago
billz b64faff248 Update w/ apt-get, install_status 2 (warning) on service disable 7 days ago
billz 0ba7833804 Add proceed check to _install_logger() 7 days ago
billz 33d99a0148 Minor: comments 1 week ago
billz 040160564f Create _install_minwrite() + functions 1 week ago
billz 41d21477fd Add -m --minwrite option and loader support 1 week ago
Bill Zimmerman 1532b3e58f
Merge pull request #1317 from RaspAP/maint/system-tab 1 week ago
Bill Zimmerman fc95d844f3
Merge pull request #1318 from RaspAP/feat/signal-bars 1 week ago
billz 7a2b319830 Set pointer-events prop for button w/ fas icon 1 week ago
billz fcdd966619 Update w/ gettext 1 week ago
billz 18c0623649 Apply misc styles from insiders 1 week ago
billz b20a4f012d Style + layout tweaks 1 week ago
billz 8b6e3e5edb Remove obsolete images 1 week ago
billz 6df78d125c Move common declarations to all.css 1 week ago
billz b01c005596 Initial commit 1 week ago
billz dbc0d0d65f Update w/ getSignalBars, hide/show passphrase glyphs 1 week ago
billz 162dbf74e0 Update js-toggle-password w/ fontawesome glyphs 1 week ago
billz 4850354630 Add .signal-icon + .signal-bar classes 1 week ago
billz 26bde30e95 Create getSignalBars(), add max/min RSSI constants 1 week ago
billz 39d7151da4 Move theme UI under System tab 1 week ago
Bill Zimmerman 8be62bb811
Merge pull request #1314 from RaspAP/mode-compatibility 2 weeks ago
billz 7b3a7dba1d Move template logic to includes + code cleanup 2 weeks ago
billz 24abe9c53c Update wireless mode items 2 weeks ago
billz e95f12e91e Add 802.11ac tooltip help text, update messages + compile .mo 2 weeks ago
billz 9bc54336c2 Update messages + compile .mo 2 weeks ago
billz d5eb3c510e Update en_US locale w/ new messsages 2 weeks ago
billz 01af3d1c52 Add setHardwareModeTooltip(), fix webmanifest src attr 2 weeks ago
billz 6faa6d749a Return messages from ajax handler for gettext locale support 2 weeks ago
billz 2bfbbd4a47 Update templates w/ getTooltip(), add setHardwareModeTooltip 2 weeks ago
billz 67bf364b04 Add function getTooltip() 2 weeks ago
billz d4b107a07f Initial commit 2 weeks ago
billz fce63f1c35 Update release version 3 weeks ago
Bill Zimmerman 7cf64f7893
Merge pull request #1308 from RaspAP/maint/translations 1 month ago
Bill Zimmerman 99de55778d
Merge pull request #1304 from RaspAP/feat/nav-insiders 1 month ago
billz 68c3e64a7c Update de_DE messages + compile .mo 1 month ago
billz b69147fb8d Add linked navbar icon 1 month ago
billz 122172a329 Update features list 1 month ago
Bill Zimmerman f969236d93
Merge pull request #1303 from RaspAP/fix/sanitize-input 1 month ago
billz 1fabc48169 Sanitize post data w/ escapeshellcmd() 1 month ago
Bill Zimmerman d19249757e
Merge pull request #1302 from RaspAP/fix/ajax-csrf 1 month ago