2608 Commits (master)

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Bill Zimmerman 10637efee3
Merge pull request #1395 from RaspAP/security/sanitize-ajax-posts 5 days ago
billz e87e7d1d3a Sanitize post with escapeshellcmd() 5 days ago
Bill Zimmerman 3575d1d185
Merge pull request #1394 from RaspAP/fix/theme-select 5 days ago
billz a4e8beabdf Fix theme select for material variants 5 days ago
Bill Zimmerman 4f2a43365b
Merge pull request #1393 from RaspAP/maint/authenticate 6 days ago
billz 33c596189d Apply autoloader support for status messages 6 days ago
billz 07b950cf65 Migrate includes/status_message.php to RaspAP/Messages 6 days ago
billz c2d740ef44 Implement PSR-4 compliant class autoloader 6 days ago
billz 93166171db Update additional ajax posts w/ csrf_token 6 days ago
billz 0116d87445 Create loadFooterScripts(), update page_actions + formatting 7 days ago
billz 66b3b20bf4 Update ajax post data w/ csrf_token 1 week ago
billz 8ff2a89cac Update sidebar items, formatting + bump reported php-cgi version 1 week ago
billz f9d27e3bae Reorg index components into includes 1 week ago
billz 8044bc8cb1 Minor: untabify 1 week ago
billz 1347cd7bfa Swap fas hide/show icons 1 week ago
billz 1e5ac9b3fc Apply patch from RaspAP/raspap-insiders#209 1 week ago
billz 7831afa29a Update release version 2 weeks ago
billz 434e8dc3f4 Set backgroundColor: transparent for theme compatibility 2 weeks ago
Bill Zimmerman 67df02fe4c
Merge pull request #1388 from RaspAP/maint/php-strict-types 2 weeks ago
billz ceea867c69 Fix php warning + undefined var notice 2 weeks ago
billz c64bdb42c8 Fix php notices w/ proper var checks 2 weeks ago
billz 55c0a49911 Fix php warnings + general code cleanup 3 weeks ago
billz 5457855aa1 Unambiguously typecast to expected datatype 3 weeks ago
billz cc6fa1d8d0 Install iw package on Debian 12 3 weeks ago
Bill Zimmerman 16a413aa9f
Merge pull request #1380 from marek-guran/material-theme 3 weeks ago
Marek Guráň a259a4f868
Small fix (removed forgotten insiders part) 3 weeks ago
Marek Guráň 877ed4698e
Removed mistakenly added insiders code 3 weeks ago
Marek Guráň dd2c648a78
Update linkquality.js 3 weeks ago
Marek Guráň 5bd2ef1edc
Fixed missing padding to cards 3 weeks ago
Marek Guráň 49634a4e58
Renamed theme to Material 3 weeks ago
Marek Guráň 2828b09d54
Fixed visual errors and improved some visuals 3 weeks ago
Marek Guráň 7a1900d814
Update custom.js 4 weeks ago
Marek Guráň 3cf88d98b2
Small changes to system.php 4 weeks ago
Bill Zimmerman dee77c7597
Update features list 4 weeks ago
Marek Guráň aec2e3b7bf
Added themes to custom.js 4 weeks ago
Bill Zimmerman 4bb1873f7b
Merge pull request #1385 from RaspAP/maint/locales 4 weeks ago
billz 36be6e3980 Typo fix in gettext string, update locales + compile .mo files 4 weeks ago
Bill Zimmerman f7f67023f4
Merge pull request #1384 from RaspAP/maint/translations 4 weeks ago
Bill Zimmerman 8739acdccd
Merge pull request #1383 from RaspAP/maint/installer 4 weeks ago
billz 8a1f0aad1d Update pt_BR translation 100% - thx @Osuppa 4 weeks ago
billz 2ea85a741a Typo fix 4 weeks ago
billz d035fc804d Update _install_status w/ ! important + add Insiders note 4 weeks ago
billz 9d0b565155 Revert "Add Insiders to raspi_version" 1 month ago
billz 563e0216cc Add Insiders to raspi_version 1 month ago
billz 470debb945 Minor: compile sk_SK messages.po 1 month ago
Bill Zimmerman 64454a8b23
Merge pull request #1375 from RaspAP/locale-update/sk_SK 1 month ago
Marek Guráň 69967f6dd9
Updated forgotten button - light theme 2 months ago
Marek Guráň f831794a55
Updated forgotten button - dark theme 2 months ago
Marek Guráň 5970ee397b
Fixed insiders dashboard - light theme 2 months ago
Marek Guráň 2f3582d952
Fixed shadows and fixed insiders dashboard 2 months ago