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Bill Zimmerman 4c23b45375
Merge pull request #1235 from RaspAP/feature/clear-log 1 week ago
billz b1870d40e8 Apply functionality to openvpn log 1 week ago
billz 5d0454f96e Update svg logging label 1 week ago
billz 729adf7e71 Update dhcp/dnsmasq logging help text 1 week ago
billz e422b4908e Apply functionality to dnsmasq log 1 week ago
billz e57012679e Update en_US locale + compile .mo 1 week ago
billz 52553f323b Update template w/ clear log btn 1 week ago
billz 1680c43c3e Add /bin/truncate to sudoers 1 week ago
billz b51ca53d4b Add js-clearhostapd-log ajax handler 1 week ago
billz cbdc5a11e5 Initial commit 1 week ago
Bill Zimmerman ee3de983ab
Merge pull request #1189 from cyberqueen-meg/master 3 months ago
Megan Howell 78156484bf
Update to not freak out over vlans 3 months ago
billz f299427ad1 Update fr_FR locale + compile .mo, thx @p0lycarpio 3 months ago
billz f0ef11bcf5 Update release version 3 months ago
billz 5625e13ef1 Detect Ubuntu 22.04, extended regex to match daemon_conf 4 months ago
Bill Zimmerman e6b6e8eafc
Merge pull request #1183 from RaspAP/feature/ubuntu20-armbian22 4 months ago
Bill Zimmerman c1db8d6409
Set DAEMON_CONF path for hostapd 4 months ago
Bill Zimmerman 10942aa8ae
Update country_code 4 months ago
Bill Zimmerman 52b11b092c
Set default country_code 4 months ago
billz 7f593bfe31 Add timeout to wget to extract public IP, thx @zbchristian 4 months ago
billz a743f84529 Minor: case change 4 months ago
billz 7674feaf61 Add operatingSystem check to bridge option 4 months ago
billz a4960f89ac Get system->operatingSystem() 4 months ago
billz 08a76445ae Add new messages to en_US locale 4 months ago
billz affc0396f1 Display os + kernel info on system > basic tab 4 months ago
billz b5886882ee Add os_desc + kernel version functions 4 months ago
billz 86bb8458b8 Add sbin/netplan to sudoers 4 months ago
billz 705477a011 Install OS-specific bridge default config 4 months ago
billz 9187691b3e Add --uninstall option to loader 4 months ago
billz 316b161671 Catch error & return install_status on failure 4 months ago
billz fcd3a7f204 Tidy function w/ do loop 4 months ago
billz a75ead776f Created _manage_systemd_services() 4 months ago
billz ac46e6dfcb Initial commit 4 months ago
billz 6eded85bcd Detect Ubuntu 20.04 / Armbian 22.05 + set php package 4 months ago
Bill Zimmerman d216cf612f
Update supported distros 4 months ago
billz 9d5088adf0 Backup/apply auth + config with --upgrade. Related to #1162 4 months ago
billz 41cff23878 Update pt_BR translation + compile .mo 4 months ago
billz c982079363 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/RaspAP/raspap-webgui 4 months ago
Bill Zimmerman 5d9ad372f9
Update bug_report.md 4 months ago
billz 6e5b2fb776 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/RaspAP/raspap-webgui 6 months ago
Bill Zimmerman 993e65483d
Update picker w/ new default 6 months ago
billz 3dde957d39 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/RaspAP/raspap-webgui 6 months ago
billz c4a2649267 Update picker w/ correct default 6 months ago
Bill Zimmerman 7b1bdf405c
Merge pull request #1158 from luke23489/luke23489-patch-1 6 months ago
Bill Zimmerman 5cbe9eba94
Merge pull request #1157 from RaspAP/feature/routing-table 6 months ago
Lukas 2b3b0eb6c2 fix #1068 data size units 6 months ago
Lukas b5b2e81d3b
fix overwrite issues 6 months ago
billz f0d1fe9b84 Implement routing table raw output 6 months ago
Bill Zimmerman 658a300d63
Update BACKERS.md 6 months ago
Bill Zimmerman 6e3177ea31
Merge pull request #1153 from RaspAP/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/moment-2.29.2 6 months ago