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  1. <img width="465" alt="Insiders logo" src="">
  2. Development of RaspAP is made possible thanks to a sponsorware release model. This means that new features are first exclusively released to sponsors as part of **Insiders**. Read on to learn how sponsorship works, and how easy it is to get access to Insiders.
  3. ## How sponsorship works
  4. New features first land in **Insiders**, which means that *sponsors will have access to them immediately*. Every feature is tied to a funding goal in monthly subscriptions. When a funding goal is hit, the features that are tied to it are merged back into the [public RaspAP repository]( and released for general availability. Bugfixes and minor enhancements are always released simultaneously in both editions.
  5. Don't want to sponsor? No problem, RaspAP already has tons of features available, so chances are that most of your requirements are already satisfied. See the list of **exclusive features** to learn which features are currently only available to sponsors.
  6. ## How to become a sponsor
  7. You can become a sponsor using your individual or organization's GitHub account. Just pick any tier from $10/month and complete the checkout. Then, after a few hours, you will be added as a team member to the super-secret private GitHub repository containing the Insiders edition, which has all exclusive features. In addition, you get access to Insiders-only team discussions and content.
  8. **Important**: If you're sponsoring [RaspAP]( through a GitHub organization, please send a short email to []( with the name of your organization and the account that should be added as a collaborator.
  9. ## Exclusive features
  10. The following features are currently available exclusively to sponsors. A tangible side benefit of sponsorship is that Insiders are able to help steer future development of RaspAP. This is done through Insiders' access to discussions, feature requests, issues and pull requests in the private GitHub repository.
  11. ✅ [Network device management](
  12. ✅ [Firewall settings](
  13. ✅ [WPA3-Personal AP security](
  14. ✅ [802.11w Protected Management Frames](
  15. ✅ [Printable Wi-Fi signs](
  16. ✅ [Drag & drop dashboard widgets](
  17. ✅ [MAC address cloning](
  18. ✅ [Network diagnostics](
  19. ✅ [WireGuard VPN kill switch](
  20. ⚙️ Dynamic DNS support (in progress)
  21. Look for the list above to grow as we add more exclusive features. Be sure to visit this page from time to time to learn about what's new, check the [Insiders docs page]( and follow [@RaspAP on Twitter]( to stay updated.
  22. ## Funding targets
  23. Below is a list of funding targets. When a funding target is reached, the features that are tied to it are merged back into RaspAP and released to the public for general availability.
  24. ### $1000
  25. The second **Insiders Edition** includes the features listed above.
  26. ### $500
  27. The [first Insiders Edition goal]( was reached in December 2021. Thank you sponsors!
  28. ## Quarterly giving
  29. Beginning in 2022, each quarter 15% of all proceeds from Insiders will be donated directly to the [Raspberry Pi Foundation]( The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a UK-based charity that works to put the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people all over the world.
  30. [![Get involved with the Raspberry Pi Foundation](](
  31. When you become an Insider, not only do you support development of RaspAP but you also help inspire young people by harnessing the power of computing to solve problems and express themselves creatively.
  32. ## Frequently asked questions
  33. We've covered all you need to know [here](
  34. ### Terms
  35. See our [official project documentation](