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  1. ## How to contribute
  2. 1. Fork the project in your account and create a new branch: `your-great-feature`.
  3. 2. Open an issue in the repository describing the feature contribution you'd like to make. This will help us get you started on the right foot.
  4. 3. Commit changes in your feature branch.
  5. 4. Open a pull request and reference the initial issue in the pull request message.
  6. ### Coding standards
  7. This project follows the [PSR-2]( coding style guidelines. There are many ways to check your code for PSR-2. An excellent tool is [PHP_CodeSniffer]( The command line tool phpcs can be run against any single file. [Phing](, a PHP build tool, integrates nicely with `phpcs` to automate PSR-2 checks across all source files in a project.
  8. ### Development process
  9. Development processes used by contributors to the project are described [on this page]( It does not endorse one over the other; rather it is meant to share two different approaches.